The top 10 companies listed on the stock last week's stock. The Orascom Investment Guide is listed


Orascom Investment Maintains a list of the 10 most commercial trading companies that have been hired on Egypt Stock Exchange (EGX) during the last week's trading session with a measure of 183.6 million sections and versions of LE 106.3 million, with Global Telecom Holding 183.1 million, with a trading value of 637.4 million pounds.

Al-Qalaa Financial Partnership came third with a measure of 144.1 million shares and changes of EGP 569 million and after Palm Hills Developments with a measure of 108.6 million sections and a turnover of EGP 267 million. And an exchange value of 237.9 million pounds, according to the weekly stock market report.

In the sixth place Egyptian Tourist Sites came with a number of 47.4 million sections, a change of 102.9 million pounds, by the AM Agency for International Business and Commerce with a change of 42.9 million EGP and a change of EGP 370.7 million. And Development Budget Company for Financial Budgets with a total of 40.2 million shares implemented, a change of 28.9 million pounds, and nine million sections of the Arab Management and Development Company, with a change of 89.7 million EGP. For reconstruction -3 "with a circulation measure up to 24.4 million pages, trade value with LE 5.9 million.

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