The top heads of the region came to an agreement and the Super League Cup was reinforced



to the 2018/2019 season of the highest sections ending with a new cup argument, known as the Super League Cup, which will be celebrated by the 26 teams of the division highest of Argentine football.

The competition will begin in the middle of April, once & # 39; The current competition is coming to an end, and it will play in brackets directly eliminate circular games with the area in the next row for the best ones that are based in & # 39; Competition – except the final one than one game in a neutral court.

The first six teams of the Superliga board will be entered into the second straight, and the other 20 will begin in a previous step, The proof of the other ten clan chiefs in the second round.

Like the Argentinean Cup, as well as a national cup title, the Super League match will come to international competitions: the concert will be a " playing the Libertadores next year, and the second one playing in the South America.

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