The town came together to honor the ARA San Juan


On the day the authorities indicated that the ARA San Juan was discovered, the Wagner Clar family and the Olavarria town were involved in provisions for the next day in Hinojo (party town), to commemorate it ship lieutenant Diego Wagner Clar, home of his home, and his 43 partners.

The ARA team in San Juan is the main musicians of the service, Already the Olavarria neighbors, during the provisions, grow as part of the proposal. Many of them cooperated with her; A project that Emilio Wagner -papá de Diego began: from a local painter, to her own home, through local companies and artists. As the neighbors grew aware of Emilio's desire, they grew up with one goal, create a replica of the ARA San Juan to honor the team.

On Sunday, November 18, Hinojo's amphitheater was full, as the streets were around. After hearing the 44 bells in memory of the San Juan team, and the songs of the National song, Emilio and Catalina – Diego's parents, the Ezequiel Galli Intendant and Diego class experts would come. They found the replica of the San Juan ARA, which took three months and a half to build. At that time, the discharge of pigeons allowed them to travel to the air while those who were present sings the Navy song. "Long live in the home! Live the ARA San Juan! Live on 44 heroes!" He joined the team of Diego team.

The symbol is almost 10 meters long and is located in the Roge Lacoste of Hinox amphitheater. Many people got involved in work, heart and feelings, simple friends or incomers. "It was done with great love and much tears, all their contributions," said Emilio Wagner to DEF. "Not the neighbors, we would have done nothing," he said.

Mayor Galli, for his, decided: "From this time we knew that Olavarrian had a team in the San Juan ARA team, that the disaster was bigger. Having knowledge of his life, sacrificing to find where he wanted, he was acquainted with the dreams through his family that he would hear his name in every home and school in Olavarría"

Boating officer Juan Carlos Sampaoli, who was also born in Olavarría, said: "We have been calling our call as sailors and climbers today nowadays to remember and respect all those sailors who have fulfilled their duty on the best sacrifice. The person of Diego, who was an excellent military army, uncertain behavior, and a good professional. .) Honors and glory for Diego and his 43 participants ".

Lieutenant of the ship, Fernando Barra, friend and companion to promote Diego Wagner, in his conversation with DEF: "It was very humiliating, very tied to the professional and the family, he was passionate about his shipbuilder. He arrived from the address, we came together and told us a little news after a little news. I lived near my house in Mar del Plata, your kids today are my sister. My brother is in the heart. "

With its reputation, there is also a list that can also be used. creates the name of a crew, together with the work of local artist, Ignacio Cardiello: a marine lion, a symbol of the San Juan ARA. In the campaign, Navy Argentine workers set up a figure of the star Stella Maris (the Force's employer) to the base of their prototype. Artist Jano Chasman gave another man a list, which will be placed on his model.

At the ceremony, 3 of the 44 trees grew to the place, pictorially.

"It's impossible to have it saved"
Once the action was over, DEF was expressed by Emilio Wagner. Moved by the love of his home and by looking for ARA San Juan, his rescue crew was grateful for his help and sent back his son's service call.

-What he was alive? How did the idea come to make the contribution?
-There are many feelings. It was very strong for us. On one occasion, we went from Mar del Plata to Olavarría. With my wife we ​​came very tough. Slowly, between Balcarce and Tandil, a cloud appeared in the form of a tumbler. I was feeling that my son wanted something for me. That made me make the symbol, I wanted to do something that would last over the years. That's why I thought I made iron.

– Did I know how to work with these types of materials?
-Nà, I've never worked with that stuff, not a welder. He met me to see a neighbor, Gonzalez, who sells iron near the home. I asked him if he had been scratched and promised to help me. That day I contacted other people from the Business Park. When I told them what I wanted to do, they suggested something more important to do. I told them I had no idea, but they told me that they were sure to have fulfilled them. They gave me two large syrups, someone else gave me a place to work, even the tools. She stood beside the cylinders and I did not know what I should do. I did not think.

– Who helped him in that stage?
-But a boy who was studying engineering I had to cut off the cylinders, he made me a picture. Then I called Ariel Do Santos, Diego friend, because I saw I could not do it. We did not know how to see, but we started to see; push. For more than once we did not know how we will continue. And we asked the boys to help, at 44. We would even have a & # 39; s loudly, it's not; we can. We asked them and immediately the ideas came. I think the tumbler was 44. It was made with a lot of love and with many tears. They were all donations. People who helped us carry behaved, they would also be cut and painted. He does not know what their feelings and love have …

– It is possible to say that its entire home was & # 39; participate …
-The people of Olavarria give us love and love. They brought 44 trees, even one of the nurseries personally to put them. Without the neighbors we would have done nothing.

– How did they live in finding a & # 39; a boat?
-Now as a father, no matter how much they tell him what happened, he hopes he will always come. When the Navy said they had found it, it was as if they had told us that they had died there. It was awful, it was a really hard blow; there. Now we're going to be able to make our duel now. Diego, Carolina has an amazing wife. She is a bigger mother who is now fighting in Mar del Plata, she is only in the other eggs in the Navy, the fleet family. When possible, we will try to travel with her and my grandchildren.

– Think of its ability to & # 39; get back on his boat?
-He can not save enough. The seafoods have tens of thousands of tonnes and it is very deep. I believe that the boys are not there, they have become the case. They rise corpse and soul to heaven. Diego lives in the Argentine Sea … So I live from the first minute. He would have liked to be left alone, he stopped there. We have never wanted to worry a son, because we know he would take away on another sea boat, Diego returned. They go into the Navy for a & # 39; love for home, not for money. Diego was able to find work in a marine merchant, but gave him a better pass to continue in the Navy. He was a seaman at the heart. Even on the last trip, he told his wife that he was in a position; going to all, for himself and to defend him. Those are the last words Diego had with her.
We were parents, and from pain, we did not see clearly what was there; happening. Then I can make a reason and I started to regenerate all that Diego said: how dangerous it is & # 39; It's a shift in a boat, the problems … Diego knew him, and tell me, if something happened to them, it was very difficult to get alive. I asked to go off, to protect the home in a different way. But really, funny entertainment is the greatest. For me, my son is a national hero. I live in a horrible horror.

– Do you think, by disappearing in the San Juan ARA, we were able to Import to be aware of the importance of the # 39; do we have our resources?
-The people are aware of the importance of their Armed Forces. The sea boat was protected by sea, our borders. This is before and after that, let's hope.

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