The town is discharging the school for the disabled, the priest does not want to expand the contract. Pàrant: "Save Sutra"


The 190 children are taught with intellectual disabilities in a & # 39; center. The center includes: Special School eight years No. 89 (24 bathrooms with 180 students taught), Special School Middle School. 53 (2 sections in which 13 students are taught) and a bedroom (there are two groups, ie 12 pupils full). Now, children from the center can go to another center run by the Evangelical Center for Diakonia and the Education Center Mr. M. Luther. The foundation is governed by Father Robert Sitarek.

The children's future is a big question mark.

– During those 15 years, we were convinced that it was interim, and that children would Going to a better building and have better conditions. Talk about the ability to move to a completely new building – said Bartłomiej Dudek, Szymon's 12-year-old father, a student of SP No. 89

Szymon suffers from Down syndrome. When he was a few years old, he went to secondary nursery, but already in levels 1-3 his parents noted that he would be better at a particular school – so that he does not run away from his peers.

– In these schools, children learn how to adapt them to life and how they can work daily. I will monitor institutions that have opened in Oława, Oleśnica no Trzebnica. Higher schools are, for example, for sensitive integration rooms. At the same time, Wrocław does not have a bigger city for disabled children, as there is no center – Bartłomiej Dudek wants. – Every time I see how President Jacek Sutryk plays Instagram with pro-social activity and says what it is behind people with disabilities. And what does it do with a disability school in Wroclaw? Such a school is eliminated. It is difficult for the president.

From Father Robert Sitarek, we will learn that the town is for rented buildings at ul. Luther paid around 400,000 PLN annually. At the same time, one of the arguments that parents from officials hear the lack of money to create a new place.

Another solution was noted, as SOSW could still be a town center. The school was to move either to the National Union 117, or to the West 2. Yes, the fun hall is located. Àir Youth High School. 28 working on the west, but the building will be vacant since September.

– We were told that the National Union had gone away, as the keeper agreed to go up the stage in the building. We were counting a & # 39; Moving to the West, this is a very new building. But unofficially, it is said that there is a shortage of money or that the building is too large for such children, and so it would be considered as a rule – Bartłomiej Dudek says.

The parents are without use. Even if they agree that their children have a " taking care of their constitution, they still need to bring their children to a school that is an old building with hard rooms. Father Robert Sitarek has already taken on a number of rooms, including a large scroll room, and provided it to his center.

– Now children change in the catching room, where three have already been involved – says Anna Spisacka, a Swedish mother. – And it's a little room; there. And this is not the only problem. In the hall, which is to be served as a sports garden, and are classified as recreation, there are no toilets. There was a problem with the buses to bring to; children went to town, because the cars were damaged by the hats. We got to fight it, buses already have a & # 39; come. Then there was the problem that the school's place could have a dog medicine, and a special letter was required. There is also a shed, children are outdoors, and waiting to reach the bus.

The parents are counted with a number of other problems. – As long as I know, one day he does not know; Ambulance could go into the center, and it was essential to help a child from school – added Bartłomiej Dudek.

Why did parents not raise earlier questions? Because they were promised for years to find a new place for the school.

– The rent contract ended in 2013, and was extended for another three years. It was possible to think about what should be done right now, and now we were just in front of fait accompli – says Anna Spisacka.

The decision on the school's character will be made on Thursday, during the City Council session – then the officers will be able to resolve or refuse their intention to stop the center at Lutra Street .

The reasons for this purpose read: "Primary School students at No. 89 are able to continue with education at a Special School Primary which is run by the Evangelical Center for Diakonia and Education are named after Father Martin Luther at ul Ks. M. Lutra 2 from 1st September 2019. -8, according to parental consent (confirmation), also Center pupils are able to continue Residence at Special School and No. Education Center 10 at 27 Parkowa Street or at a Special Educational and Special Educational Center at 2 M. Ks. Teachers and administrative and service staff, according to the confirmation of & # 39; Foundation, capable of earning a Special School Specialized by the Trust. "

Parents say they were at the wall and had no choice. Initially, not every child is moved to ul. Parkowa, as that building does not allow all children who are currently studying at Luther school. Secondly, not all teachers want to work for the foundation of the priest's execution.

– Children often got to the staff. They feel safe at this school. Teachers will be informed by the end of June. The priest promises to get work at the school run by her; foundation. But will they definitely want to work there? – ask Bartłomiej Twenty.

Joanna Kresak is teaching maths at SOSW. She has been working in the center for 23 years, she started working at school, while still on Żelazna Street, in 2003 the center was moved to the Wejherowska street and today, Lutra today. She says she does not want to continue working in this building any longer, if her branch is run by her; Chomunn or is taken over by the Evangelical Center for Diakonia and Education.

– This is a town with a tradition of forty years, we are successful. So far, we've been digging our teeth as it was promised that there would be a new place for us. The head of education, Jarosław Delewski, said he had promised to build a school originally. Now the town has been abducted from these commitments – Joanna Kresak says. – And we have a problem with salami for years, young children get into normal classrooms. We will be in these rooms. We did not build this item because we were deal with the situation as temporary. Note that children with disabilities have a wide range of schools. And disabled children do not have so much choice. There are not many such branches.

Officials will be disable to & # 39; case. – Parents say they'll stay in the current place, Regardless of what the largest group is; – says Maja Wysocka from the Wrocław Town Office's office. – In the case of a West school, updating and changing the building at ul. The west side was non-economic.

We also asked to give comments by Father Robert Sitarek. – I do not know what my parents are scared, I am not accountable for the enjoyment or enjoyment of their teachers. My parents did not see them in action. We care about children's wellbeing. I ensure that SOSW teachers who have been delegated to communicate with us. Other staff too – to confirm the Father Sitarek. – Complaints that can not enter the ambulance to the center, it is weird. We have a special system that promotes the opening of gates to its; patient sign. When we were taking a larger room of practitioners, the management of that center did not complain. No one was saying that the second room would be too small. Factar, some buses can not drive for a couple of hours to the town, as all organizations need it. Many buses carry children, and for years we have been in & # 39; run a battle with the town to park so that buses do not have to go to; park in boggy areas with holes and lumps. I will not mention the fact that we want a list of drivers, some of whom care for themselves under a tree in the & # 39; town, cursed, in a word – they were transportlessly covered. It may be reasonable that we do not let people like that.

Parents of children do not want to give. On Thursday at 11.00 a.m. to the office complaint. At the same time, a City Council session will begin, where a decision will be made about whether the town is going to; trying to abolish the Special Educational and Learning Center or not.

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