The trade balance shows again again


18.2% Argentine furnitures went to reach £ 5,077 million in October, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Accounts (INDEC) and the export of 1.4% to US $ 5.354 billion. In this way, Argentina has balanced a trade of $ 277 million in the tenth month of the year.

From the Radar consultation, he said "as it happens historically in the devaluation programs in Argentina, the change of external accounts is associated, at least in the short term, to fall the -in-trade as a result of the stimulus of smaller economic activity with acceleration of inflation, exports, for different purposes, slowly changing the exchange rate new. "

The most important crops in October responded to trade with Chile, which was US $ 221 million; Vietnam $ 177 million, Algeria, US $ 92 million, Bangladesh $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $, Peru $ 86 million, and Indonesia £ 84 million, among others.

The most important deficiencies in October were registered with China, US $ 321 million, US $ 321 million; and Brazil $ 110 million, said the Indec.

That month, b & # 39; It is US $ 1,114 million exports of relevant materials, with a 3.2% reduction due to the 5.8% drop in the dimensions sold, and we can not be discounted by an increase of 2.8%. in the prices.

At the same time, sales of agricultural sources (MOA) increased by 4.4% per annum, to $ 2,027 million with a 3.5% increase in dimensions, and prices 0.9% higher than in October of the year

There were US $ 1,824 million Business Originals (MOI), 3.4% less than the same month of 2017, with lower prices of 6.9% despite the fact that the numbers increased by 3.6% .

At the same time, Fuels and Energy sold $ 389 million, with a 25.8% increase in prices and an increase of 4% in the amounts.

At the same time, in the middle of the dollar increase and the decline in the business sector through September, the exporter revealed that the numbers of everything fell, with 12.9% in capital goods, 38% in Parts and Accessories Capital assets, 46.9% in cars, 12.8% in consumer goods.

"This is a sign that the investment of the total demand amount that records a larger reduction, which reinforces the growth potential of the long-term economy", is from Radar.

In addition, they said that the vision "for the development of external produce as a result of the economic downturn that the economy is going through and as a result of falling in -home. " A year would close with a deficit of almost $ 4,000 million. the remainder may exceed US $ 3,000 million, as a result of increasing export and a strong increase in agricultural exports, as it is compared to a & # 39; year that is dry. "

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