The translation between Cabito and Diego Ripoll that created the film in "Basta de todo"


Results Cabito Massa Alcantara de Lots of everything One of the most controversial topics this week. The funny posts about his relationship with him Matias Martin and responding from an owner to a radio program, had a huge impact on her / conflicts in social networks, between audiences to visit and even those who did not hear.

It became a type of cutting that created much of the two chief executives of this story. Followers of their network disruptions have resulted in networking due to the death of Cabito.

Just near their visit, they said Ripoll had asked Cabito to be taken out two years ago. Enough …; He was burned at that time, but the radio director gave him back. The comedian would have heard about this situation and his relationship was not as good as he did; despite being close friends.

When Cabito returned, the situation was harder: Ripoll did not spread The scenes to Cabito, and when the journalist was missing by Martin missing – the actor had no more involvement. The tension was obvious to the air.

This situation To be encouraged that Matías should choose between one of the two. And he likes Ripoll. That's why Cabito left out of the Metro Metro radio tour. And in a brilliant way.

The word Diego Ripoll has been on his conflicts with Cabito (Video: "Pamela in the evening", America)

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