The Treasurer refused the suspicion of Skecosis to be corrupt and corrupt


The procurator has not found any reason to complain.

10. Feb 2019 or 20:27 TASR

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Bratislava. Sergeant administrators were sentenced to a Protestant, despite the face of fair Slovakia, disturbance of crime or corruption.

The District Prosecutor in Bratislava did not find any reason to initiate a criminal prosecution. His decision is right now.

Slòcaca Soros should pay

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Sunday TV News said TV TV Markiza.

A criminal complaint came to a complaint last October.

The organizers, he said, should be struggling for coup d'etatat, change in the installments of the country and be paid by the financier George Soros.

NAKA has begun to graduate the organizers' profession, focusing on financial and bank accounts.

Lucian appealed to the NAKA leader

The organizers saw the events surrounding them as bullying and fright, the police said, on the other hand, that they were investigating pollution and their; calling people who may be injured or injured.

"But the arguments that law enforcement authorities have been breaking after the hearings have been published, first from the special prosecutor's office, that the error for her & # 39 , their case, and they moved to the area, thus falling from the top policing floor, "said the television.

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NAKA chief executive Peter Hraško also took over his position as he was described in detail about this issue with the police chief, Milan Lučansky.

At the area level in this case, according to the television, they did not investigate their & # 39; dog, pollution, but taxes.

However, the Bureau Office's Office in Bratislava did not find any suspicions of criminal activity.

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