The trial started for Emanuel Balbo's crime


Incidental death or deadly intent? These are the main questions that are answered by the Court; Judgment of the six custodians for the death of Belgrano's fanman Emanuel Balbo (22).

Balbo died when he collapsed from a tribune of the Mario Kempes stadium on April 15, 2017, after suffering a hit, when the classics were disrupted. discussion against workshops.

The test is heard in the 12th Chamber of Crime and has been popular with people.

During the first day the complaint against the caretakers was read.

The accused person is the Oscar "Sapito" Gomez, who is accused of slaughtering. Gómez, too, He is attending a sentence for a dead bite where Emanuel Balbo's brother died.

Gómez is believed to be the one who shouted against Balbo, protesting against Balbo, who never sent out to be Talleres fan; in Gómez.

El Sapito Gómez in the Balbo crime test (La Voz / Ramiro Pereyra).

The five other defenses are the ones that Balbo hit before falling from the northern tip of Kempes.

Matias Ezequiel Oliva, Pablo Javier Robledo, Martín Darío Vergara, Cristian David Oliva Molina and Yamil Nahuel Salas are. Due to the complaint, they put it into the hole.

The defenses show that someone's intentional intention was not to kill.

At the same time, it is estimated that another jersey is & # 39; stealing Balbo shoes when he died. It is alleged that Hugo Orlando Acevedo is a " calamitous stealing.

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