The true truth of parents of Swedish tourists who lost their turn in the robart – 05/01/2019


"Christoffer is better and in good confidence," said Anita Persson Gyllesnston, the Swedish mother of Swedish turmoil, who had been violently defeated after being shot in robbery, unlike Thursday, when they reached the country with their son in intense care. This Saturday in parents had relief signs and a place for joy. he does not move from Argerich Hospital, where they look closely to be so long & as possible by Christoffer.

At the same time, researchers are working to mark their partner robbers in the attack on the development of their computer, on Sunday at 23.20 in Tacuarí and Venezuela. The victim walked with his wife, as he traveled to Argentina to spend the holidays. You know that already there were three: one of them went down arms – and covered by a cap – and two composites stayed in the cap; Peugeot 207 silver, where they fled.

Christoffer Persson (36) and his wife, Maria Izzo. They traveled to Argentina to spend the holidays.

Christoffer Persson (36) and his wife, Maria Izzo. They traveled to Argentina to spend the holidays.

A car it would be on the south side, depending on the route that could be reconstructed by other filming. Now they are trying to create a video icon of the security camera camera camera in the area; developed to identify the patent number.

One of the witnesses about the police attack said that the invasion would kill Christoffer na Peruvian and that he would be about 20 years old. "There is no other nutrition on that but just that statement, which could be wrong," said spokesman for his case. Clarin.

Researchers are affected by the type of attack, in an area where they say that this type of activity is not frequent. "It's not a common robbery in that area. It seems that there is a situation in three offenders who have gone to something else, they have seen the victim suffered, trying to take The opportunity and in the struggle that the branch escaped. Since it did not complete its phone when it escaped, "said the search source.

This Friday, Deputy Chief Executive of the City Government, Diego Santilli, Christoffer, also oversees the Ministry of Justice and Justice after leaving Martín Ocampo. As you may know Clarin, Santilli went to "do himself" with Christoffer and his family. "He was very happy and grateful to the police and doctors who was attending it and it's amazing about Christoffer's good idea, Despite having to live, "said an officer.

On Friday, the tourism intensively went to medium-term heating, after it had grown favorably from sending it up; step forward. That surgery was needed since then his life was in danger for the damage to her; He suffers in the vicinity and right the femoral window. Between Sunday and Monday, Christoffer took three jobs in which he passed a by-pass and tried to add medications, surgeries that he did not respond well.

A doctor's progress may continue although it can be fulfilled at any time, he must at least ten days in the country. "Over there next week we can go and visit the Bombonera", Designed by Jorgen Persson, Christoffer's father.

On Saturday they went together with his wife Anita and her son's son María Izzo (35), the classical taste of La Perla de Caminito, in La Boca. There to Jorgen lThey removed a pench Xeneize and directors near his club told him about to " Visit the playground and meet some of the players.

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