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LITTER | I comment on the recent statement planned attack The Freemason building in Johor Bahru is a horrible suspicion. I'm not surprised how a Battalion in Malaysia has been wrongly condemned for a long time since it was a secretive and anti-Islamic Zionist group that is a trying to establish a global surface.

I let the truth share Sharpies (also known as the Craft), one of the oldest, peaceful, charitable, non-religious, non-ethnic, and non-political brothers in the world with about five to six million Machair mhara.

Stonemason, which overcomes ethnic, religious, social, and educational sectors, Promoting moral and spiritual development by preaching the brother's brother under God's rehearsals. His "crucial brother" is "more important in today's uncertain world of ethnicity and race struggle to promote peace, understanding and general unity.

There are three major principles in the lovely Freemasonry of his brother (being tolerated and tolerated by kindness and understanding of others); relief (a charity acting for both the brothers and their entire community); and truth (truth-making in all cases, showing integrity in everyday activities, and maintaining moral high standards).

In terms of respite, Masons in Malaysia has given millions of ringgit to various multi-ethnic charity and multi-faith charitable groups and individuals.

Cascades were unfortunately described by some quarters, either due to real ignorance or seeking a self-service agenda. I want to delete some of the mismatched and unsuitable propaganda from her & # 39; Freestyleman.

Initially, not a secretary of a soldier in a raid; It's a social society with some confidentiality that's going on; related to phrases, briefs and freedoms that can define each other and their # 39; establishing their own levels of performance in the masons' knowledge. Even more importantly, the authorities know the rules, aims, principles, meeting place, and membership of a masonry lodge. Indeed, the Malay mask lodges are registered by the Registrar of Association.

Secondly, it is not a religion of faith or faith organization with a specific way to health. Debate on religious affairs is strictly banned at masonry meetings. There is no such thing as God "Stacking". Freemasonry does not promote any religious belief.

It is anticipated that the masons will continue to continue and continue. use their own credit whichever would be there. Indeed, it's going to & # 39; Introducing Volunteer soldiers a duty on the Holy Law Book (the personal text of one's personal religion) which promotes the maintenance of Freemasonry's teaching, and; Brothers' help in trouble, and not showing Freemasonry's aspirations.

Thirdly, it is not a Zionist movement in stonemason and it is not a threat to the security of Malaysia. For a record, the late prime minister Hussein Onn in the Dewan Rakyat in October 1978, which is based on detailed scrutiny by a committee set by his late president, said. The National Islamic Business Council, there is no evidence that confirms any connection between Freemasonry and Zionism.

Hussein also stated that there is no evidence of saying that Rescues are a threat to the country as a social threat or as a defense of security. "

Fourth, Freemasonry is not worshiped by Satan; there is no satirical ritual at a lodge meeting. In addition, Freemasonry advocates are the biggest thing in England's real idea. Right-winged corpses are good in the face of evil, justice against crime, and brother's love against ill-suffering and hatred.

Fifth and last, it is not the order of a secret world to have a & # 39; trying to establish a global surface.

There is no single single or semi-moderate world-wide organization that masters the Masonry. In addition, it is forbidden to & # 39; Speaking of talking politics at Masonic meetings. However, they are encouraged to become a fascinating citizen by showing loyalty to the country and to comply with your laws.

In short, not a politics or religion in Freasonasonry. It is a social and brother organization that encourages brotherhood, peace, religious freedom, integrity, high moral standards and good citizenship.

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