The truth about the "super-terror" wedding in Cao Bang, only, the cinema provided 2.5 billion news


The story of a wedding in the Quang Uyen district, the Cao Bang case division with private billing information costs for raising billions of money and special interest to the public.

We know that this "terrible" wedding was held in the town of Quang Uyen, the Quang Uyen area, Chao Bang division. The breeding family wedding house Đ.L.A (SN 1995) is an "emergency" owner. This girl and her fiancé are working in Hanoi.

According to the information that was distributed to the network, the cost of the theater houses was up to 2.5 billion. New flowers are new in the number of flowers that appear to be; decorate this wedding and they are moved from Da Lat to Cao Bang. The wedding is decorated as a spectacular, amazing power. His wedding invitation invited renowned singers and musicians to go to; play.

That's why I love you. At the same time, 2.5 billion dong - 1 has a very good price

Access to the wedding hall is decorated as a palace gate. Photograph: TL

The event was first shared on some local fans, and then many other sites shared the purpose of the move.

Talk to the story, & # 39; Speaking to a reporter, a local officer said that the DA has a number of hotels and an exports company in the Cao Bang department. The wedding is usually arranged, some have been done. exhibition of wedding photographs and social networks.

That's why I love you. At the same time, 2.5 billion dong - 2 has a good price

Wedding decoration is largely decorated. Photograph: TL

The store also said the cinema was spent 2.5 billion as it was on the social network to consider any foundation. The wedding studio is well prepared and good, but the 2.5 billion number is very much compared to the truth. This marriage has drawn attention to the social network community as it is; happening in a fossil area in Chao Bang District.

That's why I love you. At the same time, 2.5 billion dong - 3 has a good price

The image of a large population in the marriage wedding causes stories in Cao Bang. Photograph: TL

His wedding was held on January 21st with many guests. take part.

A foolish wedding in Cao Bang, just on the cinema to clean up to 2.5 billion

The whole wedding site is decorated with new flowers taken from Da Lat to Cao Bang on air.

Le N. Dat – H.Chi (Family & Society)

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