The truth behind NHM problems when you buy Vietnamese online tickets


According to the VFF system, its first 45 minutes sold (from 10am to 10:45 AM on November 28), 800 people have successfully ordered tickets with 3,200 tickets. Successful orders were made at 4 websites; Next to the and However, the 800 people who bought the ticket just made a small portion of the online tickets for tickets on the morning of November 28.

The VFF ticketing system is registered, the maximum time up to 60,000 people will visit the online site at the same time. But to ensure that ticketing is fair, VFF rulers do not limit only 500 people; paid at the same time. As they open the system, all tickets will be sold for 1 hour and the following merchants will not have the chance to see their own tickets to see the half-steps on 6 December.

That's why many fans have a problem on the site, or the message "Tickets against this have been sold out. Choose a face or return after" …

Previously, the VFF sent messages to fans about opening a ticket for its & # 39; AFF Cup final 2018 through 4 websites from 10am to 12m on November 29.

Therefore, the VFF ticket system needs to calculate and make reasonable arrangements so that busy fans can continue on the 28/11 morning to buy tickets online on the 28/11 morning and 29/11.

The truth behind the NHM problems when buying online tickets Philippines - Philippines 1 Picture 1.

The fans did not have to go up, the people out of My Dinh Stadium as the 201 AFF Cup. Instead, they need to take a "queue" online. Photograph: Giang Nguyen

So, fans who buy online tickets should understand that we do not all have to. Visit site 100% online ticket purchases.

Based on VFF statistics, only 500 people have been chosen to buy tickets in the total of 40,000 to 60,000 visitors who simultaneously make orders at the same time, the percentage of Successful ticket buyers only 1% to 1.25% only!

According to Secretary-General Le Hoai Anh, of the 40,000 sets on My Dinh, VFF sold 20,000-25,000 online tickets for fans. Follow the remaining Filipino supporters (around 3,000 tickets) tickets for the sponsor (around 10,000 tickets).

The prices for each stage are in the 2018 AFF Cup One-round conclusions:

✅State D: 200,000 VND

✅Costa C: 300,000 VND

✅Cost B: 400,000 VN

✅Cost A: 500,000 VND

100% of tickets sold to fans (about 25,000 tickets) will be made available online and on the way. Everyone is able to buy up to 4 tickets with a chance to go to # 39; Give ID (citizen identity card).

A video that allows audiences to buy tickets online through the VFF VFF Channel online ticketing system

According to Tung Le

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