The truth is full of humorous and unhealthy in the last "Quynh Bup Bê" program


After the end of the film Quynh Dolls , many observers have disregarded as the end is also … it is not satisfied. As well as hearing that the decision was too short and that there were still unresolved burns, fans of the film quickly arrived and recorded a series of uncertainty in the film.

Even those who have been announced but have not been resolved safely in the last program are also listed in the list of "amazing points" of movie fans Quynh Búp Bê.

Full still has not paid 15 million loan from Quynh

Getting the phrase "money just going to the" bone "is not wrong, also to Quynh Bep fans; worried about her buildings.

In particular, Lan Cave (Thanh Huong) asked Quynh (Phuong Oanh) a sum of 15 million VND to give the "missing loss" for the name of the "10 million man". The remaining 5 million for Dao (Quynh Kool) to pay his teaching.

But until the film goes out and Lan is still … money is not back again to Quynh. The listeners pointed out that a new head is the first part of the film, Lan is now working again … it should work to make money to pay for Quynh just.

The audience message of Lan Cave in the next section of "Quynh Bep Bê": "Lann, then nostalgia, then pay back to Quynh.

Thinh (Hai Anh) received the Lucky character film title

Given the audience for Quynh's "comet" title because everything, near Quynh, has been wrongly damaging.

Although they are not just reckoning, Quynh is the source of the attacks caused by those people. Tu Lan, Dao, Nghia, Canh … to suffer or not; meet something bad.

However, a character who gives the title of the movie is unhealthy due to the "bad fortune" given by Quynh.

It is not Thinh "Marshal" that person alone. It's out … driving around the street, and # 39; Wait until Quynh unfortunately comes, showing "god as" and his / her; help her the right time she needs.

It's because it's because Thinh is busy playing on the streets and so there's no time to play. making Quynh "renders", to the end of the movie he was totally injured.

He decided not to get a Quynh child but Vu "iron" (Minh Tiep) changed his mind after only … 10 seconds

Remember in program 26, 27 of the movie, Vu "Iron" has put a slap in Quynh and prevents Quynh back on Minh.

Before that, he is always "poisoned" his son with his mother's mind is very bad, so no one needs a mother.

However, after just 10 seconds of the film, Vu changed his opinion and Minh gave him the hospital where Quynh saved his mother. This change is sudden on psychology beyond imagination that makes the audience … very tough.

But the reason why Vu changed his mind because he loved Minh and did not want to continue his self-praise when his friends were mother but not Minh was not.

However, this idea of ​​the film was rapidly progressed with the film team and so the listeners still did not realize that the movie … a target was lost.

In a hard world, the wolf was arrested by the police in just 3 seconds

The relationship for my sister is definitely in this list because of the "amazing" I did, with a clue she had been burned to the police too simple and easy. le Mo.

The audience was looking forward to a more exciting end for my life but was just arrested for crime identification: possession of illegal drugs.

There is also a view that I am coming to an end so short that she still needs to stay up with the sequence to Quynh Bup. However, this is just a step.

"Love" for the life of My Wolf, "totally evil life" but only 3 seconds for film.

The words "Uncle" are the prestigious grandfather in the superb anniversary of the year!

It can be said in addition to the brutal image, the dreadlighter's metamorphosis is the familiar person saying: "Uncle here!" of him. Every time, Quynh's father encouraged his mind to remember his situation.

Due to its two words "Uncle here" that makes Quynh many nights sleeping, dreams also have a " see. The worst of the year "Uncle" is here!

Quűnh's sad conversation with his son

At the end of the movie, Quynh and his son moved to a fishing village to spend the peaceful days. Vu and Thinh will continue to communicate with her mother. In particular Vu, he often sends gifts to Minh and his / her; given to him.

When Quynh Minh asked: "Do you remember my father Vu?", Minh replied: "Yes." But Quynh's words then saw the audience … difficult to understand.

Indeed, Quynh asked about "father Vu", but after his son confirmed that he lost his father, Quynh said: "Oh, I also remember Thinh."

This poor caused the audience to smile because most of them said that Quynh was "suspended" by "Thinh" lost. She just thought that in all of Thinh he should forget to do that and # 39; talk to her son about Vu.

Vu agreed to let his son go to the school village instead of studying an international school

As a very dear child, even bothering her son to see her mother Quynh but Vu agrees to let her son go live with a Quynh fishing net.

At the same time, Minh went to an international school, at the home of a high door, and cared for from the end. But when he returned to Quynh, he needed to … investigate at home, go to school at home and stay in the house situation … fall.

Should someone like children such as Vu, giants like Vu agree to allow "son as eggs" his son to stay in this situation? Although this area is very unreasonable, but the listeners just said and said that Vu might have said that Minh is better than her mother.

Is it possible now that the level of teaching and learning in fishing villages is … more advanced than in the capital?

Quùnh Búp Bê received a lot of attention and the love of the listeners expressly thanked the "true" and "life" clearly through the content of the film.

The lifting of the scenery, the conditions, the horrible life of the characters in the film is made that the listeners are fully included.

However, even though it is an attractive movie, with a dramatic drive, Quynh Bup Bau is still unable to escape the small mistakes to leave the hotel, not just the trouble of the problem.

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