The "truth" that Ale Valle told about leaving Outturns by Mariela Sotomayor Glamorama


Author: Glamorama Team / 11 December, 2018

Intruders' prophecy with Mariela Sotomayor has become a subject that is mentioned, especially for the careful resilience of the journalist.

His 36-year-old professionals had an amazing week. His dear father was in hospital privately for a series of problems that were a bad situation. And, at the same time, she was burned by La Red.

Mariela yesterday, in communication with Very Good Morning, saw a bitter drink added: she was broadcast out of Intruders and was published with a backdrop.

This caused Sotomayor to be injured, because he expected to make the measure further, on the screen, and that a team outside the display business would welcome him.

"For me, that situation has made me feel a very emotional feeling and a bit at that moment," he said yesterday in a very good Morning -COM THIS DESAHOGO DE MARIELA-.

At the same time she spoke through the public channel, in Intruders the official version of the program was for the person involved in a place:

Ale Valle: "Mariela Sotomayor spoke on another channel. And Mariela, our partner, we have to say, he decided to quit his contract as it was in 2019. This was reported to Mariela Tuesday, I & # 39 ; understanding.

"Tuesday, we had no idea until this was moved to the media. Indeed, Mariela did not go to her program not because of her decision, but because She would ask her now to be with her dad.

"And the truth is that they are very well aware of that kind of thing in La Red. And she was with her father, who was very sad, and we recognize that it still has many health problems.

"So what happened? This is broadcast on Thursday, during the program. Our headteacher will send us the link, who will talk to us in commercial and telling us about the decision the channel has. At that time we, as a team, made each, panel, driver, learn what was happening.

"We did not have any idea. And, indeed, we were saying that Mariela was coming on Friday, and that she would be there until the end of the month and to leave her farewell, They tell us at the time it was going to happen. As she does not leave her due to poor performance, as they tell her in another place.

"It's going on since, since 2019, we will be smaller, as the television industry is complex in everywhere. The same thing happened in Hi Chile. We have suffered that attack. We will be less people on the air. That's the case. There's nothing to hide.

"Unfortunately, Mariela decided, we were told today officially, she will not return. So we can not make a farewell farewell to the air.

"It is also understood, we are aware, because it's going through a personal problem that's over any working time. assume that anything that happens to your family is much more important, because we have two hands, it also has other jobs.

"But, you know what? We wanted to tell you the truth, because the emergencies of the normal emergency began to throw bad waves, saying that I did not know what happened in this business. "

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