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Recreation Center / Targeted Report

"Dream Goddess", when graduating from the university in 2013, she made a picture of her father's flag dress, shows beautiful legs and a lot of eye, 110 centimeters of legs, and even recommended by Japanese websites. The beauty of this "northbound" has become famous in recent years. She decided to officially launch her book "Open Your Heart" on November 21st, and the book also emphasizes the real genuine ghost range. Translating the "Special History" heart.

▲ ▼ Cai's daily translation is 110 cm "days and back legs." (Latest figure / publication)

This picture book is in collaboration with the professional and professional Nana Star Nana. It's specially designed for Tsai Trans, as Dad is a photographer, so Tsai is not unusual to take pictures, and he's pretty sure he's sitting. In addition, she has a skeletal modal, she has a lot of hunting experience, she was always a low secret, this last book "Open Your Heart" launched fans waiting earnestly.

▲ Tsai's first appearance of the "Open Your Heart" booklet, the main "Special Stories". (Latest figure / publication)

In addition, there are really many hot bikinis and pictures inside secretarial in the photo book. People can see the nose and blood, and the translation of the "Open Your Heart" book gives people an insensitive perspective. Long legs just come to the heart of the fans.

▲ A special selection of Cai Yixin images come with different editorial materials. (Latest figure / publication)

Through a lens recording, it shows the vibrant and vibrant beauty of Tsai. In addition, the range also incorporates a very spectacular range of dreams "close-up Cai translation center design", followers should not have control over & # 39; miss! The Tsai translation will also be held at the Jinshitang Banqiao store on December 16th. The scenery looks beautiful and close to the scene, and the book is able to get a picture with the Tsai image. For more information, please ask the Tsai translator followers group!

▲ Tsai's sexual ties are called "the best way". (Latest figure / publication)

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