The TTC unit is looking for an area to move in to move to Presto card system


How is a transit group in the Scottish population? Preparing to discharge the payment system of its ten years, the union that is in force; Representing transit staff asks the government of Ontario to take a step in and what it says to increase the technology of poor technology in the technology.

December indicates its & # 39; Last month, Toronto's Metropasses passengers will be used on the TTC as a network of buses, street cranes and junk tanks across to Presto, an electronic electric payroll system used in the most in southern Ontario. In mid-2019, transport tickets and signals will also be issued.

But Amalgamated Transit Union 113 Center has sent a letter to Prime Minister Doug Ford to ask that the government will "act directly and urgently" to address what he sees as an unreliable system, with machines regularly bankruptcy.

"We want (the government) to deal with the fact that the Presto system failed," said spokesman Kevin Morton. "It's just dance."

He said the union believes that the TTC can not handle the use of Presto users as long as possible; as the card readers are constantly failing and their; taking too long for repair, and also said that there would be a loss of income.

Their shareholder did not respond directly to a request to comment on the letter.

Metrolinx & very confident & # 39;

But Anne Marie Aikins, a metrolinx spokesman, who is in charge of Presto, said that the level of reassurance for card readers on buses and streetboards includes 98 to 99 per cent per week.

"We are very excited that Presto is ready for the move away from Metropasses," wrote Aikins in an email.

The TTC has included the "Metstasis" payment on the TTC's core contribution for almost 40 years and a regular timetable in life and poles almost 300,000 Torontonians per month. "

Over 78 million of the monthly passports were sold since they were introduced in 1980 for a cost of $ 26. Today, they cost nearly $ 150, and after December 31, no Monthly trips will only be available through Presto.

The TTC introduced Presto as a payment method in 2011, and Heather Brown, the TTC spokesperson, said that there are more pay options such as the monthly pass through Presto over the last few years.

In 2017, there were around 1.7 million clients at the TTC daily per week, depending on the website that exceeded the organization's website. Aikins said there are around 1.3 million cards that use the TTC and 800,000 tutors have a daily card reader.

Ridership is not down – pay ridership is down.– Kevin Morton, TTC union speaker

Brown said the TTC will be preparing for the increase in Presto users by bringing more passengers over Presto foodstores to help passengers. She said that staff will keep up to hand to resolve broken readers "within a reasonable time."

Brown said that presto is largely located within 24 hours. She said that buses and street cars have two readers, and if both are down, TTC riders are asked to pay at the destination.

Concern about lost income

But Morton said it's upsetting that Presto readers have a breakdown to # 39; makes it easier for partners to leave the fares.

He continued to go to the union; sending the letter to the continent, a memorandum was sent to its member regarding the Presto transition. Morton said that the union received "hundreds" of responses from members; describes the concerns of passengers unable to pay because readers are bankrupt.

In the union letter to Ford, a number of anonymous TTC staff state that the readers are daily and sometimes failing to; take days for repairs.

Morton said he expects the TTC to go to; Losing "income in fortune" because the committee can do avoids to & # 39; food by going into the back of a bus or roadway and without going to # 39; tapping on the Presto reader. He said that if a TTC rider is taken and fined to be paid, he says that that person will be easier to do; fighting the ticket in the court by arguing that the Presto reader was broken.

Morton said that income loss could be easily erased for riders' loss.

"It's a joke," he said. "Ridership is not down – pay ridership is down."

Brown said that the take-up of TTC passengers would deliver fares for fares, and may be fined up to $ 425.

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