The tunnel closed the tunnel, the drivers forgot about the rescue zone


In the morning, in the Dekani tunnel to Koper, an accident was taken including a 32-year passenger car.

    Photograph: GB Koper

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Photograph: GB Koper

> The car was going to attack Koper when he ran into a car tunnel a few minutes after the hour. Koper's professional firefighters, police officers and ambar-earth were sent back to the crash. The Tunnel Dars control center closed for a while on both sides. Koper's firefighters built their vehicles on the tunnel that attacked Ljubljana, and then they went to Koper at their exports port. But there were immediate problems in the molecules, as the drivers of the rescue zone forgot, and the campaigners had difficulties in breaking up to the situation of the road crash.

"I wanted to get out of the vehicle, so I ordered the drivers to go back to the way," said the head of the interconnection Denis Slavec from the KFOR firefighters. So the road to the police and rescuers was also cleared. When they reached the scene, the driver was out of the carriage. The firefighters then supported rescuers in the care of the wounded driver, and defended the place of the accident, and connect each other to the batter on the # 39; carriage, and then removed from the road, so that police officers could take part in tunnel traffic. Eventually, the road was broken by participating materials.

The survivors brought the driver who was damaged to a single hospital. Due to the accident, there was a delay, and passenger car drivers could leave the railway at the export of Črni Kal.

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