The two robbers who followed the investigation of the mayor Altahona


Two burglar activities, solitary, attracted the attention of authorities when investigating for sexual offenses with the minors of Carlos Altahona Arraut, who was formerly the factor for the city of Puerto Colombia which was taken last Saturday.

The first organized investigation, as first revealed in pre-judgmental hearings by the 27-year-old Fiscal Cases, Gueryn Espitia, was robbed at his home at 3 ° 2 – 55, neighbor El Ancla , on 17 April 2016

According to the report to the current EL HERALDO, authorities noted a man called Manuel Montenegro Cabarcas, 44, and Yarleys Suárez Blanco, who had gone into the high house. the factor in the foreground said they had a meeting with him. the exmandatario ".

Then the couple were dug up during police sessions when they left the house with a suitcase where they had lots of valuables.

At the time of the interview, the police said that there were four children in the house and that the convicts would be released after being scared by guns. "Three of the children have had the connection," said a witness to authorities.

The old factor did not want to talk about it.

Then, seven months later, just on 10th November of that year, his home was attacked by the mayor. At 3 am on the same Thursday, four men came with armor and in his house with a jump in.

With what you see as the key function, or a copy of the original key, the Treasurers that were installed through the main entrance to the building, which works as the doctor's office and location, are all of the headteacher. Eventually they took over $ 30 million and a number of things.

Some time after the attack, the police reported that the premandatar had been harvested with some young people who were with him at the time of theft. In this case, the Convener announced in the hearing that the concern at Altahona Arraut with young people in both events had challenged the accused about the accused group. T , to some extent, the research in November 2018 opened on the activities the old public has undertaken. with young people late at night.

This review brought the first result after members of the Sunday family were home to the home of Altahona Arraut.

In introductory hearings, the Solicitor explained before he took over the responsibility for awarding certificates to Edgar Bonilla Polo, which had five certificates of minorities and paid Altahona between $ 30,000 and $ 200,000 for sex.

Altahona Arraut, the Mayor of 2012-2015 of Puerto Colombia, did not meet the costs of sexually charged crimes with more than 14 years of unhealthy eating with less than 14 years in t single-sex adversity with sexual orientation requests of minority groups of 18 years and actively promoting minority ethnicity. The application for an authorization phase was set for next Friday, March 14.

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