The two serious emphasis on Blood River for the Argentine Cup


For the opposite game & # 39; Wolf platense, dh & # 39; Marcelo Gallardo suffered two serious goals in some team attacks. These are added to Ignacio Scocco who has been severely injured and deleted.

Rodrigo Mora or Juan Fernando Quintero can not interfere with his / her half-day for different physical uncomfortable things, despite the first time in the list that was cited.

In the last training, the Uruguayan synovitis suffered in the right column. Remember that Mora has been experiencing difficulties in that area after working. Although Colombia is low because there is too much butter in the left calf.

It should be noted that none of them were going to start a Wednesday at Minella, where the River is going to start. looking at another final attack.

The aim between Mora and Quintero:

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