The two teachers and parents, simple but noble Education


There are more than 200 ordinary tutors from across the country on the program, in particular, there are 183 of teachers who are in attendance; representing teachers from 63 areas across the country. The Ministry of Education – DT respect at the 2018 Vietnam Tutorial Day.

At the "instead of thanksgiving" program, a & # 39; share examples of an amazing, excellent teacher, well for students who despite life, it is hard to work hard. Among them, the story about the teachers working in remote areas, difficult areas always leave a deep vision.

Mr Luu Van Hoa is a teacher in Tra Van commune – coman in the middle of Nam Tra District, Quang Nam province, 12km south of Nam Tra district. There are 7 satellite workshops through the Van Elementary School. The Nui Ong Ruoi habitat is located in a small town approximately 16km from the main campus. In the school year 2018-2019, the school has 3 classes, and including 2 teachers and 1 school teacher.

Mr Luu Van Hoa was born in 1966 and has lived in Thang Binh – Quang Nam for over 20 years. He is taught in schools in Nam Tra My District. With a loving name: Master. 20 years teaching in the difficult field, He never received a gift on 20-11, but teachers do not have a complaint, a & # 39; Complaints, that all pupils are very popular there.

Participating in exchange in & # 39; program, Mr Nguyen Quang Dien – Principal school board of secondary school (PTDTBT) Lu Luong (Yen Bai) school remembers souvenirs to turn students back to class after the flood. South West The Elementary Elementary of Luong is approximately 24km from the town of Chia Lo, the Van Chan area, Yen Bai division. If the road is easy, it's about 1 hour to go to school. It will take more than 5 hours to go to the & # 39; motorcycle, where only 10km can go with a motorcycle, which is overlooking it. "After the floods, everything is there, there are remote areas, hunger, as you can when students in the school challenge a great deal. At this point, I decided to staff to move school to bring food to the students, "he says.

There are pictures of teachers who can not carry food bags over 30kg over 30 kilometers over the mountains, floods, woods, a very dangerous climbing climb, but as students for teaching work words, the teacher is still doing. After 4 days, teachers have collected more than 2 tons of food, enough for the students to complete the month of September. Although the teachers are eating, the teachers in the school are going to eat; vegetables. After one month, there are green vegetables to go to school.

The two teachers and parents, a simple but noble picture 1

Mr Nguyen Quang Dien – Head of Luong Primary School for Agriculture and Rural Development (Yen Bai) and reminiscent of memories of student movement back to her; class after the flood.

Van Van Van, Vice Chancellor of Doan Van To High School (Cu Lao Dung district, Soc Trang) has been giving 36 years of age; Cu Lao Dung river attack. Thay said, when there was no secondary school in An Thanh 2, there were no students and there were no teachers. To get students, teachers come to the lochs to move children into classes. After several days of diving, 34 students followed the teacher to level 6.

There are no classroom rooms, teachers and pupils to ask for trees, pages to build a temporary classroom on the land. To fit furniture, teachers want trees in the garden of people to cut furniture out. For his own, he gave a broken canvas to make a bed back at night, and the room was also the room in the game.

Teaching materials, without text books, teachers are again to Phu Long Town, Long Phu District to request. From Cu Lao Dung to Long Phu every day there is only one boat run by the large water, running from midnight to 4m. So near midnight, and everyone fell asleep, ranging back to the river and waiting for the book to go. At that time only 34 students and one teacher, but still had to teach all subjects. Thay was looking for a teacher elsewhere to teach the social sciences contract, but it was the responsibility of the natural sciences. So one class can be moved annually, and the tree will go to build a classroom. In 1983, the area area received 1,000 miles by the People & Commune Committee2 and parents support materials, and # 39; building 5 large classrooms. "When I lay down I just want to go through school" – he said when he spent all his life to the education of Cu Lao Dung.

Talk to her & # 39; program, the Minister for Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha, in 2017, instead of his program instead of a gratefulness, he had noticed a great deal with his. Minister when he met the teachers in the ground. , difficult areas to bring children to school. This is a Dang Van Cuong teacher, a minority board board school, Son Ba (Son Ha, Quang Ngai province) and the fairy tales about Dinh Van Khan Rao; The secondary school tutors of Dak Rong (Gia Lai) are the students promoted to class. After program, visit & # 39; Minister on teachers' schools and pupils at MacBain mackerel to divide and encourage the teachers and students directly.

According to the Minister, 2018 is the fifth year of education in which to # Implementation of Resolution 29 on a fundamental and comprehensive reform of education and training. Despite the shortcomings, the education department has achieved amazing results. The education and training system has improved in size, size and quality. All departments and cities met the pre-school education status for 5-year-olds, primary education and higher education. General education has moved from moving knowledge to develop ability and quality. The quality of general education has been recognized internationally, it is extremely popular with the PISA evaluation product and increase the number of international Olympic base winners annually. The quality of higher education is one step development. For the first time we have two universities in the top 1000 universities in the world. Continuing education, adult education is more interested … "Contributing to the general achievement of verification, loyalty, responsibility, dedication of teachers, teachers, teachers, cadres of directors, staff in business – the people will embrace the ultimate mission and the force decides to succeed in the purpose of educational reform "- the Minister for Education and Weight training.

According to the Minister, where vocational education is always a noble position at the time, and the teacher always has an important role in education and training. Millions of teachers across the country are dedicated, assigned, quietly for educational purposes. Ann, the tutors are in difficult areas, lacking enough skills to still label, both staff and parents, hair cutting, bird cliffs, workbuilding, work to improve their food; Part-time secondary teachers will start early to work voluntarily to cook a breakfast breakfast brochure for students at school. Many teachers and families have just overcome the floods, and there are still difficulties giving students a day's salary to the school; The road to the school is rough, some of which can not be able to feed food for the students to get food on the school day … Many teachers, from towns to rural countries, from the delta High mountains educate, honestly educated.

"The Party and the Government are constantly identifying teachers as a key factor in the success of education and training. The innovation road is only at the beginning, there is a lot of difficult time ahead. Continue the teachers, managers and staff across their business to continue to influence the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and overcome problems, maintaining the sense of responsibility, passionate role, indeed "the moral, self-learning and creative breakthrough," contributes to the successful implementation of the basic reform, comprehensive education and training of the country, " the Education Minister said.


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