The U will make arrangements to be local in Concepción


The new date ends with its & # 39; The 2018 Copa Libertadores final warned the Blue Azul merchant guide.

The Azul Azul reconciliation has been warned, because the revival of the National Stadium can be accessed; final of the 2019 Libertadores Cup that impedes the planning of Universidad de Chile, A group that plays in Ñuñoa. Also the Iron Maiden concert in October.

In this context, the managers started the talks and this Friday, according to Radio Cooperativa, there will be a meeting to throw lines about this capacity of a region in Concepción. For this reason, the authorities include not only that Universidad de Concepción is host to Ester Roa, but also Deportes Concepción and Arturo Fernández Vial.

"A meeting with club managers (Eduardo Álamos and Felipe De Pablo) and Concepción's master (Álvaro Ortiz) expect to listen to the U. requirements. They want to be local people in the Ester Roa and it is essential to see how many parties who wants to, That means getting important resources of all kinds, "said Eric Tillería, Penquista stadium manager, to El Mercurio newspaper.

The Santa Laura is another option for the blues, but in that place the ability could be much less than their chance at Collao.

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