The UAE will open a tosqueering in Syria as Arab leaders have; begin to welcome Assad back from the cold


TThe UAE said he was "keen to bring back relations between the two brothers to their normal course" and wanted to contribute to the "Arab position" in a " supporting the independence and sovereignty of Syria.

"This move will also prevent the dangers of regional attack in the Syrian cases," said the Foreign Ministry of UAE, with a reference to the place in Syria.

The UAE helped to support some of the rebels against Assad in the early stages of war but were less than Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Turkey. Much of its funding for Cuba for rebel groups has now dried up.

Jalel Harchaoui, a lecturer in geopolitics at the University of Versailles, said the UAE and Egypt had become unbelievable to assassinate Assad because they did not. seen as breaking up against their Islamic enemies divided.

"As Assad's survival in Damascus is now an uncertain fact of life, and as the West and 2012 bets appear to be a poor failure, the ideological position of the UAE and Egypt has been very active . The two states now manage the campaign that include that more of a Arab world will accept that fact, "he said. .

Omar Bashir, president of Sudan, a & # 39; This month was the first Arab leader. to travel to Damascus from 2011. His trip was taken into account with government media as a signal that Syria had been welcomed back from the cold.

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