The UDI asks the Attorney General to take the largest control against Boric


The former presiding candidate José Antonio Kast guided by the applicant Gabriel Boric (MA) to a new controversy. Published by a head of Republican Action video in which a parliamentary parliament has been published; get her T-shirt against Jaime Guzman with a picture in the head.

The registration corresponds to an interview conferred by Boric in 2017. The driver gives him the dress, to which the appellant responds with a smile: "Good, last."

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Boric was defending himself by Twitter explaining that the gift was "completely surprised and as a result, it was not the right thing because of the # 39; and I was happy that he refused it. As I said earlier, I'm convicted not to & # 39; make sure he was killed"


UDI parliamentaries did not consider their definitions and agree a request sentence from the House of Representatives Committee.

They want the application to be related to Boric The highest penalty that suits up to 15% of the food and tension in writing.

According to La Tercera, in the minutes submitted to the Occupation Committee, they say "we are looking at a clear sample that the deputy Boric, In terms of this hard murders and the people who do that, to support it, which really supports & # 39; celebrates this crime that has taken place in democracy, and rejects it with political and social retardation persistent and inappropriate. "

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In the letter, they want to be "Boric"at least for once your political performance, to think well and tell what you are doing; think of Guzmán crime"

They also make sure they do not have their activities; align to their statements so that they can think "their value is as valuable as the Venezuelan money. We apply for their impact, truth and loyalty to public opinion and to this situation ".

Background information displayed by the UDI

In their arguments, they want to consider the meeting that Boric and Maite Orsini (RD) had finally been in September by Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who is in exile of justice and a reservation in France for his be one of those convicted of the death of Jaime Guzmán.

The beginning of this last controversy

In 2017 interviews were made by Gabriel Boric for a series of talks called "An Disco" where the driver is accredited by a variety of public people about the most important and most influential records of their lives.

At the end of the interview, the "Juaniya" driver launches a Boric shirt that was created in 2016 with his / her; "Del Mal" shop in Persa Bío Bío, which gives information on La Tercera.

Other formats in the store are & # 39; offers such content with illustrations by Lucía Hiriart and José Antonio Kast.

More information about these news in the attached video.

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