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The British economy has ended in 2018 with a raid, with the economy falling by 0.4% in December alone. Today we find out at least in January, when the latest GDP figures are released at 9.30am.

Economies claim that GDP rose by 0.2% in January, led by a return to growth in the services sector. This would increase the level of annual growth to 1.2%, up from 1.0% – remaining weak.

But nothing is sure of that – of course, we might find that weaker status, is the threat from January to UK businesses. Chiefs might not have been willing to invest, after the government has been losing ground in terms of its Brexit plan.

Britain may also have been affected by the acceleration of the eurozone, where Italy is in decline and the decline in Germany. Not to mention the US trade war.

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Financial results from tea companies Domino's Pizza, empty route French connection and car dealer Pendragon also shows how the UK economy is going.

Today, world-wide vendors watch Westminster today, as Theresa May is giving her Brexit contract back to the House of Commons.

Last night, the PM announced that it has got an 'enhanced bargain', but only for the MPs against it appearing to have changed the Agreement.

Lucy Powell MP

As with Brexit's story, a dramatized version of the story is followed and followed quickly by a check in Parliament.

March 11, 2019

To be tonight, May must affect their own MPs' own resistance to the Treaty, and give confidence to their relatives in the DUP. Plenty of comments.

Beth Rigby

How do you turn 230 effects on a vote (432 v 202)? Change 116 BP.… You need>
– 10 DUP
– Up to 65 ERG (approximately 110 per group)
– 4 independents (Green / Lady Hermon / Kelvin Hopkins / Iain Austin)
– Up to 40 leave Lab in BP leave 2 /

March 12, 2019

We also receive the February inflation figures, which may show that the way of life rose by 1.6% a year, as in January.

European livestock markets are expected to rise today, after a good day on Wall Street.


European Open Applications: t#FTSE 7128 -0.04%#DAX 11609 + 0.57%#CAC 5288 + 0.42%#MIB 20753 + 0.56%#IBEX 9218 + 0.50%

March 12, 2019

The agenda

  • 9.30m GMT: UK GDP Report for January
  • 9.30m GMT: UK trade fairness in January
  • 12.30 pm GMY: Changes in the USA for February

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