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In response to the bruising of most rural people about the Brexit process, one cabinet minister, tired of the tight strategy Theresos May, was entangled in a decision when a decision was made. The first minister to make a vote for another vote in the Parliament.

39: BBC reporter Nick Watt's statement that he asked a member of parliament for what was Th. They decided to submit their plan for the third vote, and the minister (who was not nominated) replied that: "B **** (F ****) knows English" t I'm not worried, here are the deaf people walking. '

Although the UK government believes that third party votes will be collected in the third ballot, parliamentarians believe it is hopeless, Watt said on Thursday night on Newsnight.

He said the minister was disappointed that May May had been guilty of British politics in the last few months.

“In such a situation, we're quite inconvenient about making a simple human conversation,” said the Wattui Minister.

Preparing for another important vote

British House of Commons Friday at 4.30pm Lithuania will re-vote on the Brexit agreement in due course. The President Bercow has allowed the vote to be repeated because it is "completely different" from the previous ones.

The contract is now to be split into two parts of the EU withdrawal package. On Friday we will only vote on the withdrawal agreement, but not on political proof of a future relationship with the EU.

It is not clear whether the Brexit Parliament is embarked on by a particularly broken parliament. The prime minister Theresa May has taken all the necessary steps to get enough support. She even recommended to retire if she agreed to the parliament.

The full Brexit Agreement has been rejected twice by the House of Commons. More recently, Mr Bercow allowed him to vote for the third time. It was up to the 415 year old rule that the same recommendation could not be given as often in a vote.

With a new vote, London will stop Brexit issuing after May 22. In this case, the party should take part in the European Parliament elections on 23-26 May.

On Friday, the EU has set a date to accept London at least the Brexit agreement. If agreement is not given, Britain is in danger of being separated by the EU on 12 April without a long-term lease or resumption of Brexit.

A failure to break down the Brexit agreement is that it would not be possible to ratify the agreement with the parliament on Friday. According to British law on the removal of the EU, this requires the approval of the House of Commons for both aspects of the transaction.

The government wants to keep the debate 'continuing the political agreement on 22 May each year. Under the terms of the conditions, it is not the law that is in political test. The new ministers will not have to continue in the future.

So, the leader of the challenge, Jeremy Corbyn, announced that the party would vote against Brexit on Friday. The Labor Group cannot give blind support to Brexit, he said. Meanwhile, some Th. May opponents in the party objected to the ban. However, a small independent government 10-member supports the Northern Ireland Protestant Party (DUP).

Parliamentary Secretary Andrea Leads has urged parliamenters to support the treaty to make sure that Britain stays in the EU.

The British delegates voted for eight alternatives to Wednesday's Brexit course – but none of the recommendations were passed by most.

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