The Ukrainian banquet girl welcomed the network photo in a swing rod, it can not be watched


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Olga Kurylenko

Hollywood actor Olga Kurilenko Hungarian boss, renowned for her role as a band in the famous "James" link, is often a shared with new fans of social networks. Recently, the star on his page in Instagram has the spirit, since it is impossible to watch away.

So, of Olga's pictures are a fusion situation, but very few swimmers. This photograph is not visible, however, is Kurylenko where he is on holiday, and his face smile. Olga lies on the ground floor, which is more like a bed, somewhere on the beach. She pulled her long legs slowly, spread her arms and looked at her. camera.

In the title of these funny pictures in a swimming shop, Olga Kurylenko wrote: "This is my laughter when I understand that it's Saturday"; there. Musicians from an actor from around the world did not doubt this sparkling picture on their page and began to comment on the release of the star.

"You are so beautiful. Greetings from China", "Good weekend", "so beautiful and cunning", "Olga is a very fine girl in", "Beauty!", "So hot "," Imagine, let your care have to be washed away. Give a blessed day of peace "," It's a beautiful girl! "," Beautiful beautiful woman. , make me laugh "," You look so spectacular and beautiful "- write enthusiastic fans in the ideas.

Earlier it was reported that a Ukrainian banquet girl appeared on a perfect day's day. Olga Kurylenko is published on his page in the Instagram social network that is a great education with its perfect share. His actress used the black eyeliner, a lilac eye screen and a mask. On the bills, it is not so obvious. This light thing brings the natural star and a sail.

Remember, a girl warned Berdyansk's shop. His actress said that such a town should run.

Previous portrayer "Znayu" said Hollywood of Ukraine was in a position; a picture without a share.

Also, write the "Znayu" portal written by Olga Kurylenko in a prominent uniform of the Ukrainian genera.


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