The uncomfortable problem of his Red Red partner: he exposed on the platform without a TV microwave and a Showcase


Red, color of talent It is already a positive level to find those who become the ultimate.

Here's how the partners have been involved in a series of permissible entities, such as Emilia Dides, & # 39; Koke & Núñez and Felipe Galindo this Tuesday evening.

Everything was normalized until it was converted "Pipe" to explain the song Say what they say of Raphael.

And his exhibition is marked by strange scenes. It happened right at the time the singer began to accomplish, when he realized he had not given a microphone since it was done.

While he was & # 39; a series of motions, Jaime Davagnino He decided to translate, saying that Galindo had no device.

Take | TVN
Take | TVN

"We see, see, see. But this is very aware. What was needed by Felipe?", The program animator, Álvaro Escobar, told her. laughter.

"I think they did not want me to sing, because they did not put the microphone", replied the one previously mentioned by a humorous tone.

"It's a live television … Felipe, we're going to introduce it!" Exclaimed Escobar, after that, the partner started, this microphone trip nearby.

As it is a collection Page 7, the jury finally chose himself and his friend & # 39; Koke & # 39; Following another week in Red, as Emilia Dides who was sent Friday.

Then we'll leave you with her amazing moment.

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