The "undoubtedly" producer will block the crossroads into priority vehicles


Monday, 26/11/2018 20:13 PM (GMT + 7)

"Passersby" group clip sent people away to hang the road at a crossroads for hundreds of members of the production to drive through.

Clip: Doan "phượt" will quickly block the crossroads as priority vehicles (Tobar: Tran Thanh Mimi)

On November 26, a social network appeared, recording pictures of the group of motorcycles that had been in a position; Traveling the street at a fast pace, always burning horns. It is worth mentioning that, in the vicinity of the crossroads, there are 4 young men with reflective clothing, with a helmet to stop the media at both crossroads; group to move quickly on the road as a main carriage. Even so, many vehicles have attracted red lights.

The clips posted on the social network have given reasons to the observer. Many people confirm behavior; group, not to continue road traffic law.

Clip: Production

There are group pictures that cross the & # 39; Crossroads for vehicles that pass as priority vehicles

On the afternoon of November 26, police chief of Vi Hoang ward. Nam Dinh said the event took place at 5:30 am on 26/11, when Hong Kong was coming to an end – Hung Vuong (Vi Hoang, Nam Dinh). At the time of the incident, traffic police have not started work or move.

According to the director, behavior barriers to convoy movements are not active and capable. At this time, the authorities confirm their youth group identity. If a group of young people who break a road traffic law are not identified, they will be treated in accordance with legal provisions.

Suddenly, a party picture was open between the underground tunnel that was causing an emergency

Photographs built under the underground tunnel to party, celebrate each other, cause mixed ideas.

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