The unfortunate ones do not go in Rafael Di Zeo stopped on …


Rafael Di Zeo, Boca's boss leader, decided yesterday not to travel to Spain since he was to be removed when he reached that country, according to the lawyer him. The NA group decided on whether his client was going to look at his / her. game against the River, José Monteleone said that the decision was to stay in Argentina. The lawyer said earlier: "I warned my client, as happened to Maxi (Mazzaro), he can also eliminate him. Now your decision is." In these Last-time, Spanish security authorities and Argentina agree that anyone who has considered an incredible idea for sporting activities could be removed, based on the management of the Council on sporting sport in Europe.

Di Zeo had been licensed by Judge Sabrina Namer to leave the country, even though he did not; happening. Mazzaro, head of the dissident bar, was delayed at Barajas airport and will be returned to Argentina in the next hour, on a plane from Iberia. As noted in a conversation with TN Serafín Geraldo, a spokeswoman on the union of the Iberia country police force, "it is impossible to enter Spain with a situation that is not too easy. & Confirm the path to the stadium at the airport, they will be deleted. "" It is kept at the airport because it did not meet some of the requirements to enter, and if it does not meet the requirements required, it will be deleted, "he said about Mazzaro.

In addition, he said: "My colleagues must request a list that is not allowed, if someone has a problem with Spanish authorities or if it is banned to enter the stadiums."

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