The United States: a young republic asked a challenge for his mother and a cocktail active vaccine. Ethan Lindenberger World


In Ohaio, the United States, a couple decided not to be vaccine to their small pupils, because they did not trust in government.

One of her children was looking for more information about health issues, and her. Assessing the benefits involved in ban diseases and 18 was immunized against the devolution of his / her mother.

About two months ago, a teenager asks advice on how to get vaccinated in a social network of questions and answers. "My parents think it's a kind of government scheme in vaccines," explained the young man. "Because of their beliefs, they have not been vaccinated, God knows how I live," he said. Ethan Lindenberger.

Jill Wheeler, never had a teenage mother vaccine Your child is opposed to polio, hepatitis, measles, chicken or chips. A woman was convinced that this way to stop it diseases It was related to the development of brain damage and autism.

In the text published on the social network, Americans stated that he was a secondary school secondary, he had a car, a driver's license and got his own income. In his words, he himself could make his own decisions, especially those associated with him Cheers and protect your body.

Despite that, Ethan Lindenberger There was a lot of doubt about me, so my advice asked about the methods I should do to get a vaccine. "I'm afraid to go to a place where vaccineThey are much more expensive, "he said.

In their second update on the publication in the # 39; social networkHe said he had a date to get a vaccine. "My mother was particularly angry, but my father said I'm 18 years old, it's not at all," said the United States youth.

The vaccine was resolved in late December. Health workers spread cocktail against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and HPV, accordingly The Washington Post.

In Ohaio, United States, parents can choose whether they want their children to be vaccinated or not.

ethan lindenberger

Ethan Lindenberger has recently been vaccinated, at the age of 18. Picture: Facebook.

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