The United States: attacking a fast food chain for being brought out for life


A US man in the United States launched a court case before the courts wanted a series of fast food to "promise his promise" of animal is free for life, after being caught in one of their restaurants, a local media statement.

The complainant, Curtis Brooner, 50, subsequently applied to the Multnomah County (Oregon) application, according to the chain bankruptly agreed The promise he made with the person who was over the site of the event.

Everything happened on December 15, when Brooner was locked for more than one hour in one of the bathrooms in the restaurant. In the words of the client, the manager offered it "food for free life"As compensation for bad weather, something happened to Brooner, and from that time he ate at the restaurant every day for the next 13 days, sometimes even twice a day.

Brooner wants his purple.
Brooner wants his purple.

But after the eighteenth day, King Burger's staff told Brooner that there was a chain head in he had ordered them to terminate the contract. Brooner, angry, was a Justice attack and now wants to have a free hamburger every week for her / her. rest of his life.

"There may be humorous elements in this case, but there's nothing about catching it in a cold, cold room for an hour. It's a shame. They could tell me & the next cheap meal & # 39; and that's the case. But that's not the offer they gave me, "he told the complainant, who wants his burgers.

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