The United States is committed to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam


Ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink said at his "A" forwarding SMEs to a 4.0 "global and global value chain. The event was organized by the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC) on November 21, in Hai Phong.

The workshop aimed at considering the location of a digital economy, and # 39; trade and opportunities with US companies for more than 200 Vietnam SME owners, and identifying cooperation between companies. from the United States to Vietnam SMEs. A representative from General Electric (GE) said GE supports Vietnam's participants with training, advanced technology management and better administrative capability. 20% of GE products come from Vietnamese providers and GE expects to increase this ratio.

"I am delighted to see representatives from the largest companies in the USA, including Microsoft, Cisco, FedEx, Coca-Cola, and Visa," said Kritenbrink. These companies promote the integration of the main Vietnam SMEs into the global supply chain. They are developing 4.0 revolution technology to help your business & to succeed. Like my government, they invest in Vietnam's success. "

The Kritenbrink Ambassador also said that the United States is committed to working with Vietnam to help Vietnamese SMEs to respond to the modern international environment. The United States for Development International (USAID) Group has recently given the $ 22 million LinkSME project to the International Government Service Group to develop and expand the trade relationship between foreign and domestic companies. Vietnam.

This project will develop the capacity and capacity of Vietnam to provide products to larger companies in Vietnam and outside of Vietnam. Foreign companies will benefit from buying more homes in the home. LinkSME Vietnamese businesses throughout the chain will help to find the value of new opportunities and create new jobs for their communities.

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