The University of Development reduced three offenses


Justice is exploring Three Emergency Issues at the Development University (UDD). There are three objections, two opposing colleagues and one against a teacher who has been shaking the domain, as published Emol.

The final complaint was made on the last Sunday November 18, in the "navel tour" in which the students participated and in which a young woman says she woke up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning and her daughter, attacking him with classmate.

The fact was rejected by the student to Carabineros and ending with a student taken by the house during the investigation period.

At the same time, on September 30, he was a professor established in prison stopped after having been convicted by breaking a student in a context outside the school.

Also, published student engineering commission commissioned against class group that he would also have been abused. The last event occurred in 2016 when a student arrived in a schoolhouse with another friend and young person. In the place, he gave him the drink for a drink he had prepared and then he would be expelled.

After announcing his justice, on August 14, his & her; young woman sent a letter to the legislator Federico Buckets asks that protection measures should be given as the accused has followed "to attend the university freely". The letter was sent by copy to the Ministry of Education (Mineduc).

The young woman finished delivering her university despite the fact that the search is still going on.


In August, the university encouraged a rule against complaints against complaints of sexual harassment, gender mismanagement and inappropriate discrimination, may be published in a & # 39; newspaper.

However, the action area is restricted to "university facilities" or "outside it in the context of organized activity" with the center. Therefore, the three cases recorded are not excluded.

According to the general secretary of UDD, Gonzalo Rioseco"The university is worried, they have protocols and are being implemented, and today, the centers have been an extra duty that they should be worried," he said.

Response to issues

In terms of the issues, from university they have responded to their young women; went away from school, at the time she got "psychological support and academic resources".

In the case of the student to indicate his teacher who would be expelled after a party at the end of the episode, the university stopped it from "every academic activity".

The latest event, which happened the weekend, the university holding meetings with parents both involved, the protocols were implemented and an investigation was opened. They also offered "psychological support and academic resources" so that the student can continue with their "academic work".

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