The unsuccessful TOP Singer spoke about the END OF MEETING!


Some of the bands have been on the music collection for very long years. Continuous travel, unfinished concerts and lively songs over time can be very tired. He is familiar with one of the most successful Slavic artists, Ivan Tásler.

Slovakia's real IMT Smile band enjoys the popularity that has been fascinating for twenty years. For this time, they got up to 11 recordings together, and they are sure that their followers are not loyal. Recently, they have been involved with the successful Kalim Raider with the bare legend Come onenrolled directly on the internet.

Ivan Tasler

But the opponent's admiration acknowledges that the latest record is a good name We are still here This may be the last piece created by this amazing music group. As says, Tásler has expressed his opinion on how to do it; finishing a long career. "I hope he will not go away, and encouragement is still coming, but that's thinking … no. I may not add any other song," a friendly singer has appeared, with the words of many rock fans very dissatisfied.

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ivan tasler

source: | Photo: Instagram / IvanTasler

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