The upcoming album by Coumba Gawlo Seck will be fired rapidly


Tama studio is a real trip. After a number of months of recording and mixing, it was produced with 12 previously unprecedented titles, the main player of Diva's studio server was broken, and almost all the output was removed. According to credible information, Coumba Gawlo is in every state, indicating that he is still disappointing; stay, to deliver the large schedule that the public expects. A specialist technical team has been working for 48 hours to find out, which can still be, pieces of funeral in memory of the device. Coming with us, the artist's manager confirmed that there was a technical event in the studio that removed the way out. Matar Seck is to ensure that the record is available with a little delay on the date of the information, saying that the hard drive is restored on track.


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