The urgency of gold price is increasingly involved in campaigns throughout the country in Sudan


Sudan campaigns that started the week over grain prices have been disturbing campaigns across the country against the three-year regulatory rule of Omar al-Bashir, autocrat na 76-year-old country.

At least 22 people have died in the campaigns, which started on December 19 in the village of Atbara River Nile from the north, but since then they went to their capital, Khartoum, 350 kilometers to southwest, and all over the country.

Initially with the government's decision that tax prices have been reduced to 5p per stone, the campaigns have become one of the biggest challenges in Mr Bashir's long management, le campaigners taken to the streets and tried to get a police after Sunday football game.

"The people want the regret to decline," some of the interviews are singing, reviving the democrats of the statements in the Arab Spring 2011.

"Down, down by the military government," they requestNext "We live free or die as real people."

People sang a slogan in a complaint Kordofan, Sudan on December 23 (AP / Flyer)

Demonstrators have dropped Mr Bashir's National Transport Party's offices and government chariots and blocked a barrier against the police, reporting local media.

"" The scale of complaints is unexplained, "said Shawgi Mahadi Mustafa, a Sudan journalist based in Qatar The independent one. "This time it comes from outside Khartoum, which is why the security did not fail from the beginning."

Sudan, a majority of a deserted native population of 40 million people who is including sub-Saharan Africa, African Horn and a Arab world, rich in oil and other natural resources but suffer from a " poverty breakdown, income independence, and an opinion on community governance that is better. Experts commented that Mr Bashir fell on 16 December to the Syrian consumer Bashar al-Assad, who is very enjoyable throughout the Arab world of Shunni, angry campaigners.

Sudan's government spokesman and Bushara Juma's information minister said the campaigners have the right to safely display against them; price rising but warned that "challenging and challenging public and investment centers" as well as anti-government mottoes would not be accepted. He has also made a complaint on Israel to be behind the objections.

The opposition to Bashir's government has risen, largely due to poor economic control, poor health and education systems that fail, and corruption at hands; a regulatory party and its rulers, who have taken over the control years of both public and private sector institutions, as long as it is. driving intelligentsia abroad.

"The government is making economic decisions, at party level, for short-term success and due to the political survival of its governing party," said Moez Ali, the blogger of Sudan and the reporter political. "The biggest things of people who find that there is no economic problem in Sudan, is a political crisis."

Omdurman Islamic University students showcase in Khartoum, Sudan on December 22 (AP / Sheet)

Add to & # 39; Sadly, Mr Ali says the "uninterrupted power of the information services" that is transposed to the international human rights organizations is reported as a police state. Although complaints in Khartoum in 2011 and 2013 were rapidly broken, the current wave began outside the capital where the fear was mukhabarat has a lighter presence.

Mr Mustafa said that the country's political parties also had a lot of responsibility to mislead the campaigners, Bringing to the streets happily through social media settings in a world-wide pattern, word-sharing and video of their online actions to avoid state television disability. "Just a lot of people participate as individuals," he said.

The government seems to support its supporters. Qatar and Bahrain have supported Mr Bashir, who has made better connections with Saudi Arabia in recent years. Sudan's army promised promise on Monday. On Saturday, the authorities said there were 14 challenging figures linked to the campaigns.

More information reports that Mr Bashir has begun to protest against campaigners against Janaweed tribal militia that was used in the civil war of the country against divisions. Southside and anti-government shows in 2013.

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