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International Intermediate News / NOWnews
International Intermediate News / NOWnews

(Washington, DC Media News Agency on the 20th) According to the regulations recommended by the United States Commercial Department, President Trump considers export control for sensitive technologies such as false information ( AI) due to national security. But the science scientist said that control of AI's exports was dominant.

As US-China's trading shoes rise, and the USA has a great deal. worrying that technology in some parts of China, such as false information, across the United States, is the rules that are proposed; export management of essential technologies specially for the US national security. "

The Ministry of Trade said in the regulations proposed yesterday that he would consider controlling the & # 39; sells export of AI technologies, such as strange networks and deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and audio and video processing.

Daniel Castro, former president of the Information Technology and Innovation Trust, said that the ban on AI export could impact on the SA's goals.

Castro said: "If the US government exports the export of AI technology, other countries can repeat it. This means that US companies are excluded from certain markets, which And let other companies have a competition without any challenge. "

Castro also said that export controls have "hindering international research co-ops such as new technologies such as AI," and including collaboration with China.

AI is an important element in many computer products of US technology companies, including smartphones, wireless speakers and self-driving cars, and AI can also be used for military purposes.

The regulations of the Minister of Commerce to recommends that exports of control checks are made for microscopic technology, oceanic computing, device learning and other areas.

According to the Federal Register, the United States has a & # 39; Investigating special controls regarding exporting "technologies that arise specifically" to avoid "adversely affect science, technology, engineering and manufacturing leadership of the US." (Translator: Chen Yuting / Approved: Cai Jiamin) 1071121

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