The US research has hit Hyundai, the stock has fallen to a low 9-year period


New Hyundai IED. Photograph: TASR / AP

Washington, September 22 (TASR) – Kund Hyundai, Kia, a curator and sister sister company Kita, fell on Thursday with Hyundai at a low level of 9 years. The reason is that research into US companies is related to caring to service engineers.

As reported by Reuters, the Center's Office has begun to examine whether the car manufacturers have questioned the & # 39; process. The companies that make up the world's top 5 craftsmen needed to send nearly 1.7 million cars in the US for services between 2015 and 2017. B & # 39 ; this is one of the largest calls in the USA. The reason was that engine difficulties were there; Increased accident risk

The search does not yet have to continue to allegations to car drivers, but if it did, it could be & # 39; mean high taxes. This risk is the chance of further requests for car service, which will mean a reduction in the car share price of around 5%. For Hyundai, this is the most important decline in more than nine years. Even clearer, 9%, the share price of Hyundai Mobis partner supplier.

The United States has already carried out an investigation and subsequently added high taxes to foreign craftsmen. Japanese Toyota agreed in 2014 to pay USD 1.2 billion (EUR 1.05 billion) in unnecessary acceleration of its cars. In 2017, Volkswagen was going to go out and down; Fee, which is agreed to pay $ 4.3 billion in connection with filming in order to release.

With regard to South Korean car-cars, according to Angely Hong's analysis, investors are involved not only with the additional costs of calling and taxes but also with the fact that the investigation can have a negative impact on make the image of these mottoes and sell them. This would make the situation deeper because they are now struggling with its & # 39; business that develops in Chinese and American markets.

(EUR 1 = USD 1.1409)

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