The US share rejected Bezos' complaint.


New York / Seattle. The "National Enquirer" in the US states has blocked a secret complainant with Jeff Bezos, Amazon chief. "There's not enough," said lawyer Elkan Abramowitz Sunday, ABC's ABC broadcaster.

It was a "legitimate settlement" place. Bezos and Enquirer National American Media Inc (AMI), which Abramowitz represents, are interested in producing, setting their "differences".

Bezos had a complaint against AMI on Thursday of a risk of producing close images. So, a media company asked to stop audits about a published story about private life and explain it behind the disclosure, there are no political reasons.

Political argument on the back

Reporting the "National Enquirer" in January on issues made by the richest man in the world. Becos believes in the back of political reasons: AMI boss, David Pecker, is a long friend of US President Donald Trump. The name of the Washington Post is in Bezos, which tries to tell Trump.

The Washington Post has also been very important in Saudi Arabia. The suspicion is that the Prince of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered the death of journalist and Jamal Khashoggi, Washington Washington column.

Last Thursday, Bezos commented on how close it was between AMI and Trump and Saudi Arabia – and it made it clear that he believed he was; Believing that it was a political cause behind the story of "National Science" for her beloved Lauren Sanchez.

Solicitor: "The two interested in fixed differences"

"I think Bezos and AMI were interested in setting their differences," said AMI lawyer Abramowitz on ABC Sunday. "Bezos did not want to write another story about these paintings or those on display, and AMI did not want the dislike, the White House, Saudi Arabia, or the Washington Post."

Anyone who has recently missed private text messaging and pictures of Bezos on the "National Enquirer" to tell Abramowitz. The "trustworthy" source and both Bezos and his beloved are known. "I can tell you that it is not Saudi Arabia or President Trump or (the Trump's confirmation) Roger Stone."

According to media statements, Sanchez's brother suspects to release the information to the National Representative. This is Trump's supporter.

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