The USA does two weeks without importing oil from Venezuela



The US refineries did not import oil from Venezuela for a fortnight. This is for the first time since the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) started following an import analysis of all crude oil from the United States.

With DMB La Patilla

According to the EIA monthly data dating from 1973, the United States has never jumped a month without importing crude oil from Venezuela.

In the end of March 15, the US refiners did not get Venezuela oil any more.

In the fourth week of February 2019, the USA 's ranks included an daily allowance of 208 kbpd, and in the fourth week of January 2019, an average of 587 kbpd was introduced.

Venezuela's oil production has fallen in the last two years due to the economic crisis of threat and years of lack of regeneration, corruption and maladministration in the oil industry. However, before sanctions came in at the end of January, the USA was the biggest payer for Venezuelan oil, as these oil receipts would only be the one currency in the country. T . t

In 2018 Venezuela was the third largest provider of crude oil for the USA, after Canada and Saudi Arabia, according to weekly EIA data for the top 10 importable countries. In 2018 the USA had a 7.8% offer to Venezuela.

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