The USD / VND exchange rate rises to the highest level since the beginning of the year


The USD / VND exchange rate reached the highest level since the beginning of the year - Picture 1.

USD bank rates are up to an inch up. Picture: NLD

At 9:30 p.m., 22,733 dollars / US dollars were ranked by average, up 2 dollars / US dollars compared to the previous day. This is the last continuous success of the highest level since the beginning of the week and is now at the highest level since the beginning of the year.

With a trading outskirts of +/- 3%, the USD price of commercial banks can trade between 22,051 VND / USD to 23,414 VND / USD.

At this time, Vietcombank recorded the price of USD at VND23,305 / USD, to & # 39; VND23,395 / USD sold, up VND5 / USD compared to the previous day and VND35 / USD / USD compared to the beginning of the week.

Eximbank bought a USD at 23,310 VND / USD, 23,390 VND / USD sold. The amount of USD registered with Sacombank is in the format of 23,311 VND / USD shift in the evening and 23,388 VND / USD in the evening. If the item is in cash, the price of USD up to 23.403 per USD.

Free of charge, on 22-11 morning, some USD04,400 VND USD / USD, and USD were spent at some of the historical exchange points; sold 23,450 VND / USD. Compared to the exchange rates listed in commercial banks, free free rates are more than 60 dollars / US dollars.

In terms of the improvements above, the Vietnam State State State will continue to ensure that there are financial policy measures and mechanisms to market foreign exchange and exchange rates within one business a & # 39; accredited bands.

On domestic market, the prices of gold and the world world continued to continue; Increase in a narrow range, not significantly changed from the previous session. HCMC businesses listing a SJC gold at VND36.43 million per person and VND36.59 million per person on sale. Although the world's gold price is $ 1,226 / oz, a little compared to late yesterday.

The world's price is gold higher than 1.8 million VND / tael country.

T. Phung

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