The user's phrases in Tinder 2018 explain many things


Photograph: Tinder

When arriving in December, the signals give a summary of its & # 39; year that shows so many of their big collections. The summary of Tinder is usually my favorite: from the most populous names to the right of the best towns to go to; try (which is not always what you expect).

This year, the Tipe Year in Swipe explains many things. For example, the user of the application was "perreo" and "pachangueo" in 2018. But there are other data … well informed:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Casas and Donald Trump are the famous celebrities named by the Spaniards in Tinder.
  • "Best", "Lifeguard" and "Surfer" are some of the favorite tags with more people.
  • The Simpsons The series of Spanish repository in Tinder.
  • Spanish, Korean croquettes and omelette are the best known in Spanish in the Tinder bios.
  • In my feelings Drake is the unique proverb of Tinder users.
  • "Twerking" is one of the favorite terms in bios.
  • There are ?, ?, ?, ?, ⚽️ and ? some of the most common emoji.
  • This red fox is the most useful GIF in Spain.
  • The Mad Cool festival in July was the event with more activity in Tinder Spain throughout the year, followed by Valentine's Day.
  • On Monday at 10 o'clock at night there are times with more active users, especially in August.
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