The veil does not represent me: Saudi women are in a position; campaigning against a traditional attack


Saudi Women at Riyadh International Trade Fair, April 18 2016
Fayez Noureddine (AFP)

Saudi women will fight against a & # 39; using abayas by publishing pictures through social networks

Saudis launched an enterprise campaign to launch out with a # 39; Produce images through social networks to solve bad problems. Saudi Arabia is among the nations that are reserved for freedom and women's rights, where they are banned in public places from carrying out any other uniform as well as being able to do so. cover the whole body.

Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman in March 2018 said it was not necessary for Islam to go to; using abayas. But nothing has changed in this area in the United Kingdom that has not decided any official decision in this regard. There were a dozen Saudi women (Hashtag) who used "abaya inverted" to show them pictures with a ban.

"Because Saudi women have unparalleled creativity, they have created a new form of enterprise," said the campaigner Noura Abdulkarim in a tweet this week. "They display pictures by preventing them from attempting to hit them". Another Twitter commented on Twitter that the online campaign, which has probably been extensively expanded since the launch of this week, was a "civilian campaign."

"The rules are very clear and they are interpreted by Sharia's law that women should fit clothing and pay their respect as humans," said Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an interview in March. "But that does not mean black black is needed and it is up to women to decide what kind of clothes you are prepared and ready for you to spent. "

Then, the Sheikh, who has a great impact on Ahmed bin Qasim al-Ghamdi, says that the black color is not the case; go away. In June 2018, Saudi Arabia banned women from car driving for decades. Women also allowed sports fields to be included. But consistent with the reforms, women's campaigners were arrested in the last few months of the country, with a greater emphasis on opponents. He also criticized Saudi Arabia for his women's system, which allows people to use the power to make decisions on behalf of women in the family.

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