The Venezuelans who eliminated the players Luis Valbuena and José Castillo


BARQUISIMETO, Venezuela – Donuts of Venezuelans performed a lot on Saturday outside a chapel in the Lara state to welcome Luis Valbuena, a Major League player who died in a touring tour with the José Castillo team team.

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Castillo's body was moved through the morning to another state in the center of the country.

Valbuena, 33, and Castillo, 37, were partners of Cardinals of Lara, in the league winter of Venezuela.

Picture / AP Nestor Vivas

The two nights left Thursday Thursday when they put the truck back while & # 39; as they tried to stop what was put on the road. The authorities explained that the offenders have their position or location; throwing items on the paths until the vehicles are broken to steal the residents.

Yaracuy's central governor's regime, Julio León Heredia, said four were arrested following the issue of Valbuena and Castillo matters.



The death of Venezuelan campaigns in a traffic accident has created strong reactions.

Valbuena and Castillo returned from a game in the capital when the truck returned to the Barquisimeto town in Lara.

No more information was given about what happened.

On Saturday, the death created several signs of bad weather. Practitioners, families and fans came, with colors of winter competition teams, to give them the last hope.

Asdrubal Cabrera, tidy na na The Campbells of Philadelphia, and Robert Perez, who played the Cairistine were among those who were present.

The Venezuelan Professional Football League raised three days of loyalty in the league and stated that the national flag would stay at a halftone in every stadium for his & her; rest of the play and players of the eight teams who wear signs lament on their uniforms.



The players Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo, the players of Cardinals of Lara and with the experience of the Bands, died in a car crash in the Yaracuy state, as long as they were. Going to Barquisimeto to start a series against Bravos.

Valbuena was equal .226 with 114 homers in 11 league championships with Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

Castillo played five seasons with Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants and Houston. He recorded an average batting of .254 with 39 homers.

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