The very good view of Jennifer Lopez for a Christmas night that worries everyone


While he was & # 39; Encouraging the second art, Jennifer Lopez went on to the parties with the dress she had chosen for the event. Can you accept it for Christmas Eve?

In the last hours, Jennifer Lopez He surprised the media and his fans with a look. While he was promoting the second art, the singer and his / her; black actress with black black dress that everyone wants to be at night on Eve Eve Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.

The uniform Jennifer Lopez It is cut A, a model that welcomes the campaigns so that the figure is more likely. The pale of the white design was with a courtyard, the great style of Peter Pan.

JLO put off the dress with buccaneer shoes, very tall and a needle with the tone. Jennifer Lopez He chose to release his hair and to do it in hungry, very natural places!

Do you want the JLO style for your encouragement at these parties?

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