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"This is the time for the last year's finals. With the new film by Adam Mackay" West, "continues to host the Oscar winner 2015" The Big Short ", a key role is on coming ashore, though not surprisingly: a Christian Zone may be able to obtain its second Academy Prize to date, for its insolvent explanation of former President Dick Cheney.

He looked at the film company that it was clear that the 44-year actor, who won the "actor" award for "The Fighter" in 2010, was one of his famous transformations for the product here, a & # 39; packing the pounds, clipping back her hair, making fun for the gaps between the actor and portly politico to the bridge. It was a real immersion. there. I spoke to him VarietyPodcast "Playback" the day after being introduced almost a year ago, in fact, and was happy to reduce the effects associated with it; achieved at the time. But one thing in rushes is. Another thing is to be & # 39; See Ballet in its glory as Cheney Machiavellian for two hours.

The movie will pack off-the-piping as McKay does. write history electronically again. There is a question for many of his own, and # 39; Production Company Plan B and Annapurna who sends her & # 39; stay involved in this material over the holidays, we are ready to share everything. Are the spectators mobile – in fact, do voters from the Academy – are ready to submit this chapter in history with the bad news that they have; growing up from our daily handsets? It would be a time to Oscar someone to donate to & # 39; This unique person is displayed, and that does not do anything from a stunning work to her; Town. With the same word, "West" could be argued as the most important and most important film in the race this year. One just wonders if his stomach is there.

We will make a more detailed review of its & # 39; Actor's top actor in the upcoming column, but it's safe to say that Bradley Cooper is a " join "A Star Is Born" on the main stage of the competition. If the Hollywood Press Press Assn is. to accept Annapurna's comedy for "Vice" (maybe they are fine, but this is far less than the "The Big Short" comedy), then the two actors may have a & # 39; Division of Golden Globe awards, which will expose them to a degree of two of the season.

But Bale is not the whole story here, indeed. It is an exciting collection. McKay is again converted together, by Amy Adams as wife of Cheney Lynne (a similar figure to Macbeth Macdonald) to Donald Rumsfeld that Steve Carell was hosting the Oscar winner , Sam Rockwell, George W. Bush. They and others should help to defend the Screen Actors Guild application for their & # 39; The best collection, and Adams should be going on for many of the Ballet season trips as well.

In addition, it is a great job. Inside the scenes, the editor of Hank Corwin will imagine what would have to be a dump of his / her; movie into chalaidosgop confidentiality personality. That work, together with the special score of Nicholas Britell and the close drawing of Graham Fraser and introduce you directly to Cheney's heart, heart failure, and they seem to take some help from the Academy.

In total, "Vice" is a major inspiration in the 2016 continuous canon. It is interesting to see how audiences and voters will be the only something to a movie that just Leave your emotion as a crap. But that is also good at the point. No one can find it easy here. It is a straightforward analysis. And in the final months of the film, specialists are specially designed.

Enjoy the way home from this one.

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