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Central News Place / NOWnews
Central News Place / NOWnews

(The reporter at Central News Agency Huang Guofang, Bally Chiayi, 18th) visited the nursing home of St Malding's Hospital in Chiayi City afternoon afternoon and took part in the establishment of the DPP candidate, Senior candidate – Canine president, Tu Xingzhe Medical Association Association. He praised Tu Xingzhe as the whale doing things, appeals to the public for support.

In the afternoon, Deputy President Chen met Tu Xingzhe to visit St. Malding's Nursing Home, listening to the information and visiting the swimming and healthing room, the sun center who was believe and engage with the elders.

Deputy Prime Minister Chen was honored, founded by St. Malding in the City of Chiayi, Sister Hua Shufang and the president of the hospital, Chen Meihui. St. Patrick's Hospital Malding nursing home since 2000. Care for older people has been a model of long-term care for more than a decade.

Former President Chen said he was a partner of the same search room with Tu Xingzhe. He has a fast brain and often has good ideas. Especially as long as he is a manager, he has a good performance in health; public, community and long-term. With the spirit of hard work, he is quietly involved in a variety of photographs in the City of Chiayi.

Deputy CE Chen said Tu Xingzhe does not only commit long-term care, but also his / her; caring for elderly people, and also praises the concept of public care center, so that young people in Chiayi City can work hard at all.

Chen's Vice President to the Xingzhe enterprise headquarters to take part in the establishment of his medical community support club. He gave a speech on the performance of Tu Xingzhe's poets for more than three years, especially a waterproofing and underwater watering project, which allowed Chiayi City to leave the flood environment.

Chen Tu Xingzhe's Deputy Chief Executive praised for her early motions. The cervical cancer test "six minutes to protect a whole population, inspired by Tu Xingzhe as a health director in Taipei Taipei. He also contributed to the development of a flu vaccination policy for older People. Tu Xingzhe had a lot of ideas too. Working with the Li Junxi legislature, City Chiayi is getting better and better.

Vice President Chen said this election campaign is difficult to fight because of spell news and internet facts. Everyone needs to pay special attention to being streamlined and distributed. Throughout the time, everyone will protect Taiwan's democracy and Taiwan's values, and they will supporting Tu Xingzhe, who works hard for Taiwan and the future democracy.

Tu Xingzhe hopes to establish the National Institute for Healthcare for the Old People in Chiayi City. He will be assisted by Deputy President Chen for their treatment, the prevention and vaccination of the disease, and # 39; building the old town of Chiayi, and solving social problems related to medical. (Editor: Weng Cuiping) 1071118

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