The Vietnam 100% team aims to eliminate Chamboia


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Vietnam team before game with Myanmar. Photograph: Trong Dat / VNA

Earlier at 10:30 a.m. on 21st November, a Hang Coach Park coach here for the light players on Stadium Thuwunna, maintaining a game setting for the players, avoiding power. The number of players in the game against Myanmar is just tough, even though the players play a " preserved or not strictly used.

There are still things that Park Hang coach-is not happy at 0-0 at Myanmar 0-0, but everything has been thrown out. After a break night, the coaches agree with the players to decide the long way and they must continue to continue to run; focus, first game against Hang Stad Dieu Cambodian in the following three days.

At this time, any of the players in the Vietnam team have difficulties with losing or having health but Van Hau and Ngoc Hai have all got yellow cards in the A-game game, So Hang-coach would have to remember the players to focus on their & # 39; game, but also to stay awesome, a & # 39; stop from errors or concepts incompatible to referee.

As well as its potential when the Vietnam team is experiencing a " entertaining Chambodia at 7:30 pm on 24/11, there will be more changes to this park, Park Hang-seo, and & # 39; allowing some of our gamekeepers We have not been playing in the Suzuki 2018 AFF Cup so far.

The chance to reach the final cartridge with the & # 39; A major role in Group A is still within the reach of Vietnam team, but we are not allowed to be strategic, especially when Cambodia is very happy and confident when passing over Laos team with a 3- 1 at home.

As planned, after returning to Hanoi, Hang Gyeong Park will continue to use on the Yanmar Stadium of the Vietnamese Football Association to prepare for her & final of group meetings in Cambodia.

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