The Vietnam Talent Award is open to every opportunity in society


– – The 2018 Vietnam Talent Award has officially closed the night prize, and honors the best materials in the fields of Information Technology, Applied Science, Medicine and Environment. As seen, Vietnam's Talent Awards will always open opportunities for everything in the community …

Vietnam's Talent Award is hosted by the Vietnamese Promotion Association in conjunction with Vietnamese Restaurants and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), which was set up in 2005 with its " first competition in the field of Information Technology. After 14 years of continuous expansion of the awards, so far the prize has a rich structure and the value of awards has been increased several times.

The prize for the first time is doubled. & # 39; It is the first prize in the field of Information Technology, Applied Science, Medicine and Environment 200 million dong. Second prize 100 million; Third prize prize and 50 million VND.

Nguyen Thi Doan, Former President, President of the Vietnam Monitoring Promotion and Mr Phan Xuan Dung, first prize in Medicine and Pharmacy.

Mr Pham Huy Hoan – New member of Vietnamese Central Learning Promotion Society, Editor of the electronic newspaper Dan Tri, President of the Vietnam Talent Organizing Committee, opening its & awards ceremony with new information. proud of the season.

"The success of young people who like information technology, the" self-study "researchers is the success of these. These are professors, engineers, doctors, and scientists who provide a profile creative society for the society through a separate investigation in Information Technology areas of information, applied science, medicine and the environment.

Information Technology range is always the competition with competitors of all ages. By year 14, more than 1000 applicants have sent information technology to a goods competition 318. The jury selected 20 items in the final, "said Pham Huy Hoan.

This year's Vietnam Talent Award recognizes the youngest competition, Vu Hai Ngan, 13, and the oldest contest, Dang Van Co., 76.

Nguyen Thi Phu Ha, Ms. – Former Chair of the State Capital Regulation Committee on the stage by Mr Le Cong Thanh – Former Minister of Natural Resources and Environment who won the first prize in the authority's area for authors with prizes. 200 million.
Mr Vo Van Thuong – Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Party, Head of Committee; Central Commission for Propaganda and Training, and Mr Tran Manh Hung – Chairman of the Council of Pipe Ball Member and Telecommunications (VNPT) IT Range.

"It is possible to say that the level of the Vietnam Talent Award has been recognized as a passport for many materials in a range of information technology for 14 years, not only in Vietnam but also in Vietnam. Many of the most important materials are to continue to move abroad. As Hung Tran won the Third Award in the Snap & See Mobile Phone Application in 2014, now a leading director of Got IT, the leading leading education provider in the US. Silicon Valley – United States.

This shows that the results that may be presented to Vietnam's Talent of Taste have been going to & # 39; contributes to the promotion of creativity and prestige of the Vietnamese brand, not just in the country, but its well-known and internationally recognized. International awards … Pham Huy Hoan was shared.

Mr Pham Tat Dong – Former Chief Executive with the Secretary General of the Vietnam Monitoring Promotion Society; Mr. Nguyen Thi Phuong – Deputy Director of the Victoria Agricultural and Rural Development Bank, Agribank on a platform along with Mr Dao Ngoc Dung and distributing groups of people. Authorians who won the third prize – IT range.

Vietnam's Talent Awards will always open opportunities for everything in the community

Huynh Quang Liem – General Deputy Director of Postal Nam Viet Nam and Telecommunications Group, President of the VNPT-Media Corporation Group, co-chair The award recognizes the status of the award, which goes on for 14 years.

"Vietnam's Talent Awards will always open opportunities for everything in the community. Every year we look forward to welcoming and being able to be a a clear process for the success of our products. That's why we are so proud and not trying to increase the talents of Vietnam's talent, "said Liem.

Mr Huynh Quang Liem – Deputy General Director of Vietnamese Appointments and Telecommunications Group, Chairman of VNPT-Media Corporation, co-chair of the Speech Organizing Committee at the service.

According to Huynh Quang Liem, in the historic opportunity of digital age, intellectual resources are animated in every digital format, especially with the need for the digital economy, the digital society. The Vietnam Party and Government are very positive. The Government encourages the use of digital technology in all sectors of socio-economic life, particularly in important areas with significant development potential such as digital government, business, agriculture, e-commerce, digital finance, and so on. The opportunities and challenges that at the moment promote organizations, enterprises and individuals, bringing talent and talent to new products and services and new values ​​for its comune. Turn. This context brings Vietnam's Talent Award more important to regular innovation, attract better materials and participate in many resources to help partners on the way to conserve science. technology.

The 2018 Vietnam Talent Award is the theme: the power of digital technology – the desire to build on movements and its; contributes to digital output in the current time.

Huynh Quang Liem, in 2019, described Vietnam's Talent to " Turning 15, also a promising year to open many changes in Encourage and promote the use of science, technology, telecommunications and information technology in the country.

The Vietnam Talent Organizing Committee is expected and expected; Welcoming scientists, beginners, development agencies both inside and outside the country to participate, contribute and display, and, high accuracy certification. and the aspirations of Vietnam's talents in the development of the country.

"We, co-organizers and sponsors, are keen to work closely with development teams and start-ups to bring innovative products to market, and widely used," said Liem.

Dinh Bach

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