The Viking actor, Jon Skolmen, died


Jon Skolmen was 78 years old. He passed into the Swedish audience in 1980 as the Norwegian character Ole Bramserud in the first movie "Sällskapsresan". He later organized a program for the "Nöjesmassakern" entertainment program.

In Norway it was famous for that long before that. For many years he worked with the national television channel NRK and organized a number of comedy programs. In 1976 he was awarded a number of prestigious awards in Norway for his program "Norway to broadcast", t
according to Aftenposten.

In 2015, the actor announced that he was withdrawing.

Colleague and friend Lasse Åberg describe Skolmen as “playmate and a delightful person” and this is taken by the tragic message.

– I think it was a very good kick for Stig-Helmer, he could do anything that Stig-Helmer could do. In the 1970s we talked about doing something together and then came to "Sällskapsresan", said Lasse Åberg.

As a friend, Åberg says it is “a very moving and funny person”.

Skolmen also worked with an active colleague Sven Melander on the films "Sällskapsresan".

– We worked together in two rounds. I really wanted to be with us when we did the "Murt Tourism". They often say that in situations such that these were warm, but it was certainly a thoughtful and fun person. Comedy with very few methods. Some people will be able to transfer the security to others and to their listeners, and said, Melander.

Monica Eek-Ohlsson TV Producer, who also worked with the "Amusement Massacre" with Skolmen, saying he was "warm, kind and friendly".

– It was hard to believe when we were on the program, because it meant he would be away from family. He spoke so warmly about them. But when we decided, he gave one hundred percent. I cannot remember any tensions in the workplace.

Jon Skolmen fell asleep on Thursday night with his family, around the Vikings.

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